Spotlight: BMW 1M; The Greatest M oto ever made? Is this "baby" M car the best in a long history of greats?


It was 2011 when BMW decided that their "M Division" should turn its attention to the humble 1 Series (Coupe). After all, who does not love sầu an entry-level model that has been given the full, range-topping performance treatment, especially when BMW M are involved.

But unlượt thích many M models, the BMW 1 Series M Coupe was only available for a limited time, with many cars being registered in 2011, và a few in 2012. A total of 6,331 units were delivered khổng lồ Europe & America - with the UK receiving just 450 right-hvà drive examples. Despite being launched bachồng then, the price of this rare M car has pretty much remained the same as it was when new (£40,000) with many cars commanding slightly more, up to £50,000, whilst ultra-low mile examples can commvà anything up to lớn £80,000.

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But what makes the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, or 1M as it is more commonly known by enthusiasts, so special? Was it just a case of its limited production numbers or is there more to the 1M than meets the eye?

A "Parts Bin Special"


Not every BMW M oto goes on khổng lồ be as sought-after as the 1M. As with most cars, depreciation sets in as cars get older and newer models are launched. As the 1M was based on an entry-level Model, BMW decided that it made financial sense to borrow some bits from other models, in order lớn keep costs sensible và to lớn ensure the accountants stayed happy.

Therefore, the 1M was seen as somewhat of a "parts bin special." M car aficionados braced themselves, but they need not have sầu worried. That is because the oto borrowed some bits from the E92 M3 - a bomãng cầu fide V8 beast, which included rear suspension, differential and brakes. The engine, however, came from a Z4 sDrive sầu 35iS, which being a non-M oto, certainly raised a few eyebrows.But this is BMW M, & so they know a thing or two about creating a performance oto masterpiece. That is because the "borrowed" Z4engine was a 3.0-litre, twin-turbo, 6-cylinder lump offering 335bhp. Once placed in the 1 Series M Coupe"s pumped up, flared arched body toàn thân, complemented by sought-after BMW rear-wheel drive và perfect 50/50 weight distribution, well, it was quite the recipe. It also had a limited slip differential lớn ensure all the grunt could be utilised & of course aid the 1M"s handling too. Perfect.

Subtle or something more bold?


From new, you could specify a 1M in three colours: Alpine White, Sapphire Black and arguably the best colour - Valencia Orange. The latter obviously succeeded in being the more extrovert choice, giving a huge hint that you are in fact looking at something special from BMW M.

This also happened to lớn be the colour BMW chose khổng lồ market the oto in too - well, it is an M oto after all. Whereas Alpine White & Sapphire Blachồng were a lot more subtle, and are somewhat understated. However, there is nothing subtle about the 1M"s quad exhaust tips teamed with the gorgeous 19-inch M light alloy wheels.

Interestingly, the 1M was amongst some of the first cars khổng lồ bring turbo-charging to BMW M cars which again raised eyebrows with purists, as naturally aspirated engines were always the key point of a BMW M oto. In a world where emissions regulations were getting stricter, turbocharging was going to lớn be adopted sooner or later, & it has not been a bad thing with the 1M as it gave the car a playful và punchy character.

This resulted in the 1M being characteristically M oto quichồng too, with 0 khổng lồ 62mph achieved in just 4.9 seconds. Although it is thought BMW were a bit conservative with this figure and its actually around half a second quicker in reality.

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Pure M Ingredients


Despite the BMW 1M being dubbed a "part bins special" to some, along with it being based on an entry-màn chơi BMW, amongst other details which could be seen as negative, it has not affected this baby M oto at all.

With values staying strong the 1M has captured the hearts of driving enthusiasts everywhere. The short wheelbase, classic BMW rear-wheel drive sầu and 50/50 weight distribution all ensured the right ingredients were included. Then of course, was the transmission. A purist"s 6-tốc độ manual gearbox. The 1M had the basics nailed to lớn a tee. It offered such a raw và analogue experience, like that of its legendary sibling; the E30 M3.

Being limited lớn just 450 UK examples has of course made it more exclusive than that of an M3 or similar, but petrolheads love a small car with big power, & one that can handle as well as the BMW 1M Coupe is pretty much driving perfection.

Greakiểm tra Ever?


With all the facts gathered, is the BMW 1 Series M Coupe the greachạy thử M oto ever? In a world where cars are becoming larger, more restricted & adopting more autonomous characteristics, it comes as no surprise to see the BMW 1M being so sought-after.

But BMW have sầu made some legendary M cars. There is the E30 M3 & M1 Supercar that some may argue are the greachạy thử. One thing is for sure, the BMW 1M is certainly one of the greademo, and will continue to be highly sought-after, make no mistake.It is also worth noting, the BMW 1M"s name is somewhat reversed. Why is it not called the BMW M1, like its siblings, the M2, M3etc? Well, the very first BMW M oto was the BMW M1 superoto, so it was only right in this instance khổng lồ use a slightly different name.

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