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Session 4

Have sầu you ever moved to lớn a different part of your country or even abroad?We"ll hear from Christine from World Service talking about big changes in her life. Then it"s over lớn you. Tell us about the changes in your life using used to. Then there"s News Report about schools which didn"tuse to have rules.

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What did things use to lớn be like for you?

Let"s think about the things we"ve seen & heard in this unit so far:

All about changes in công nghệ, lượt thích smartphones và social truyền thông (from Alice và Amith in the Great Debate in Session 1)How robots have changed working practices for miners in Australia (in the article in Session 3)What it is lượt thích khổng lồ move sầu from a small town to a big city (from Christine in this Session)Changing what you eat from a predictable diet to something more adventurous (also from Christine!)

Now it"s over lớn you!

Try the activity

To do

Put what you"ve learnt aboutused to inkhổng lồ practice by writing a description of changes in your life. Here are some ideas of what lớn write about:

A change in your living situation (Have you moved home? Have you left your country to lớn go và live somewhere else?)A change in your job - especially if you"ve been doing it for a long time (Is your job the same as it used khổng lồ be? How has giải pháp công nghệ changed how you vị your work?)A change in your life because of technology (Did you use khổng lồ write letters to your friends & family? How bởi you communicate with them now?)

Thank you for emailing your comments khổng lồ us. We enjoyed reading them. This task is now closed.

Here are a few of the comments that we received.

Aili, Germany

When I was a child I growed up in Finlvà. My family used to move sầu trang chính often. This was because of the work of my father. The entrepreneur of my father was always the same. Our neighbours used lớn move sầu too, so the moving was never a big problem for us after all.

When I was grown and already used khổng lồ work in my profession for few years I applied for a job in Germany. They approved me, then I did move sầu again but this time the moving should change very much in my life. I planned to stay in Germany just one year khổng lồ learn the language fluently but today I"m still living there - for over 40 years!

In the beginning in Germany I used to miss the light summer nights from Finl& but now I accustomed myself to the dark nights in Germany. I used lớn miss the saumãng cầu too until I got my own. I used to eat & drink very traditionally Finnish - red meet, fish, root vegetables, milk - but now I eat mostly very big assortment of vegetables và drink water and sometimes wine.

In Germany I enjoy to join in vintage every autumn but I used to join in potalớn harvest in Finl&. So there are many big change in my life!

Denis, Kharkov, Ukraine

I did not use to lớn study English well at school & I used to study badly at school at all. Nowadays I understand that I simply lost my time. Now I study English with Learning English because it is very important for my scientific job lớn know it. It is never late to lớn start learning foreign language.

Melimãng cầu, Spain

This year my life had a lot of changes.

One of the biggest changes is that I moved alone khổng lồ another city.

My hometown is a small thành phố located three hours away, in the south of Cordotía.

Where I live sầu now is a big city so distances are bigger và I have sầu to walk a little bit more or take a bus.

As I am living alone, now I have sầu lớn vì chưng housework everyday & cook. This activities are new for me because in my hometown my mother used to bởi vì it for me.

Other big change is my diet. In my old house I used khổng lồ eat healthy and handmade food everyday but now I do not have enough time for cooking so I buy junk food frequently.

I really enjoy my new life here but I have lớn admite that a miss the food that I used lớn eat.

Linc, Vietnam

My name is Linch, from Vietphái nam. I was married in 2005 và had two kids in 2007 & 2009 that made my life change so much.

One of the biggest changes, of course, is that I used lớn be a single man but I am a young father of two kids now. As a consequence, my routine is also turned over. I used to lớn wake up early in the morning & went jogging for exercise prior lớn going to lớn work. I used to lớn get office a couple of minute earlier. And I used khổng lồ spend hours lớn hang out with my friends at weekover. It is absolutely different now. I am so busy in the morning and I have to lớn change my exercise time to the evening after the work that I did not use to vày before. My boss did not use to complain about my lateness whereas he notices me more often now. I spover time for my kids at weekover instead of my friends as I used to bởi vì before.

Along with these, there are some positive changes. Firstly, I used to be a heavy smoker but I gave up just after my first kid was born. Secondly, I am a good cooker now even thought I did not use lớn cook while I lived with my parent before my marriage. Finally, it used lớn be not easy for me lớn play with children but I can spkết thúc whole day with my kids now.

In conclusion, my life is absolutely changed after having kids. It is the same with you, isn’t it?Have a good day!

Fabrizio, Italy

I’ve been living my life in the same place where I was born, a town in the north of Italy. I’ve sầu studied there & I’ve sầu been working there. Boring, isnt’it? I used lớn stichồng in my daily grind till I had the opportunity khổng lồ experience a gap year abroad, in Africa, as a volunteer. At the beginning everything seemed khổng lồ be so different & it was so hard lớn live in a place where nothing was easy & everything was missing.

Where I lived, in my home town, after working I used khổng lồ sit in a comfortable sofa lớn read a book or lớn watch TV or khổng lồ hotline my friends just khổng lồ have sầu a chat with them. Little things but when you don’t have sầu them you feel they are missing và put on them a value that normally you don’t. In Africa, I didn’t use lớn read a newspaper or listen khổng lồ the radio. I was really in the middle of nowhere!

Now I’m baông xã home page và I sometimes rethành viên my experience và I think: in Africa I used khổng lồ admire spectacular sunrises, I used to sit down on a very uncomfortable chair listening to the stories that happened in the village and I used khổng lồ smile more than I vị now.

It’s up lớn you khổng lồ decide what’s better or worse. I"ve just learnt that the important thing is to be satisfied of who you are “here & now” và appreciate the little things as much as the important ones wherever you are.Thank you for reading me.


I with my family used to travel to lớn Crimea before Russian Federation has not annexed this peninsula. We used to lớn open new wonderful places in Crimea every year. And now we didn’t use khổng lồ drive sầu to lớn Crimea because we fear for our life.

I’m teacher. I used lớn print many printing material khổng lồ prepare khổng lồ class, but now I didn’t use so many printing materials. Current technologies are permitted khổng lồ prepare for lectures, seminar or laboratory works easier và more efficiency.

I used to lớn communicate with people by phone, but now I apply e-mail, điện thoại thông minh & different new software.


Hello, I am a mechanical engineer, to day i use to lớn work with a computer. But, when I started in my company, 25 years ago, I didn’t use a computer. I used lớn draw with a drafting table. You know, emails didn’t exist then i used khổng lồ communicate by internal post & by phone of course. I used to wait the answer for hours or days sometimes. Often, I used to talk with my colleagues while a meeting or at the “pause café”. I remember, the secretaries used khổng lồ type letters with typewriters, và i crossed their office i heard the typewriters symphony. Tchic, tchic, tchic! If it was a power cut, always i used lớn continue working.

Then, in 1993 Bill came. It was a beginning.

Today I use lớn draw my projects with my mouse and I use khổng lồ sover my messages by mail và if I don’t have sầu an quickly answer I am angry. Yes, But I don’t want to drive the Marty’s DELOREAN. Now, I am connected, I use to lớn discuss news ideas with another engineer by social networks.

I use khổng lồ communicate with my Brazilian branch easily. I can walk in my projects by virtual reality in such a way my conception will be better. At trang chủ, I use lớn play musical instrument with different teachers and I can find many musical partitions. I use lớn cook meals as well as my wife, thank you world web wide! And I use lớn take English lessons by chat và on

It was better before? Thank you Have a good day

Ana Maria Dobrescu

I worked in hotline centre until 2 years ago, but now I work in the Customer Relationship Management department.

When I used to work in call centre I used khổng lồ use the phone, because I used to answer khổng lồ the phone calls, but now I work with the new software: Microsoft Access và SAS, a Business Analytics software.

In Call centre department I used khổng lồ have sầu more fun because I used lớn go out with my collegues, but now I didin"t use khổng lồ have sầu evening outs. This is because in call centre most of my collegues have sầu the same age, unlike CRM department where the collegues have different ages.

In Điện thoại tư vấn center I didn"t use khổng lồ know anything about the programme Microsoft Access or SAS, but now I use for the sale campaign"s implementing. Now I use the CRM aplication to offer the clients the best offers for them, but all these after I bởi vì the selection of the clients in Microsoft Access or SAS programmes.

At the begining of CRM period, I used to consider these programme very dificult, especially I didn"t use it in faculty, but now I am used lớn using them and its don"t scare me anymore. :) .

Thank you!

Keep up the good work! You are the best!

Sungươi from Seoul, South Korea

I loved writing letters in the old days. I used to lớn write letters khổng lồ my friends a day. And my friends used khổng lồ writing in answer. But changes in giải pháp công nghệ (like SMS or kakaotalk), many things are changing recently. As a changing technology, we are living comfortably, but the old days memory was disappeared.

Yesterday I wrote a birthday letter khổng lồ my friover. She was delighted by letter. Because she received letters that is h& written I was happy.

Although giải pháp công nghệ developed, I wrote letters to my friends lượt thích the old days.

Tuong Nguyen from Saigon, Vietnam

Hello I"m Tuong Nguyen and come from Saigon, Vietnam giới. First I would like to lớn say thanks because my name was been on posting about the weather topic.

My hometown is one of the western cities and it"s less modern than other cities in vietphái nam. When i was a kid, i watched a lot of films about The Doctor, I used lớn dream to become a doctor that make me earn lot of money và get high position in my life but now I work as a financial analyst. After leaving my high school. I passed an exam & went to saigon khổng lồ study. My life has changed a lot since I moved here, especially this year. There are new và interest things that I haven"t ever had before. At the beginning here, I didn"t used lớn go anywhere by bus but now I really love it. In my spare time, I often go by bus to lớn many places in saigon and nearly places. I like travelling and here it"s easier lớn do than living my hometown.

I used to want to lớn come baông chồng my hometown after finishing university program. But I still live here now. I worked as an auditor about 3 years. I met new people, faced new things và had nice colleagues. I used khổng lồ love sầu it so much. Six months ago, I realized that it wasn"t my favourite job but I couldn"t leave because my parents wanted me lớn still work this job. I had a trouble to lớn find something that interested me và satisfied my parents. Finally, I decided to leave it & take the next step by taking on my favourite things. There are still some doubts since i have made this decision. I will try my best to show my parent that it"s right.

Manuel Ángel Barragán del Río, Madrid, Spain

Listen here

Hello everyone

I think I´m a bit old for begining on these type of social network

I´m a bit lượt thích Phil, prefering on talking face lớn face or with some type of feedbaông chồng from your counterpart

Quite cold talking khổng lồ a microphone, making a podcast. I hope you like it

Thank you all for your special work with us. You´ve got all my admiration for the quality of material employ và the love sầu you deal with us

Sophie, France

When I was young, I have sầu been leave sầu in Paris, but when I have sầu been married I moved in a suburb near Paris. Now I use to lớn go by oto, in Paris I used to go by bus & underground, because it was easier & more practical.

When I lived with my parents, I used khổng lồ a landline, but now I use my điện thoại cảm ứng, which is change completely my life, because like said Alice “we have sầu everything we need at the touch of a button” .

What else ! I never used lớn travel by plane, but now when I travel I went by plane.

Thank you very much for all this lesson, there very interesting & living, I hope I improve sầu my English, I learn it every day.

Have a good day

Ángel Pérez Sandoval

I remember when we wanted khổng lồ the cinema, for example, we used lớn tell the precise point where we were going to lớn meet.

This was, because we hadn"t a Mobile phone & if someone didn"t know the place it was probably we didn"t met us. Nowadays this problem doesn"t exist anymore. We didn"t use lớn go out without any worry, now there isn"t this problem if you don"t met with your friend or girlfriend the only thing you have sầu to vì is Call her and ask where she is.

Rocio Lopez Rodriguez

Technology is the most important change in the last years for me. I remember how I used to lớn study when I was 20. I used khổng lồ go lớn the library và tóm tắt everything with my classmate. We used khổng lồ gather so as lớn make revisions for our exams. But now, trăng tròn years later, I don’t need to lớn meet people in a library khổng lồ study. I only need my máy tính và I can surf Internet & find other students from the other side of the world asking & answering questions as mines. Hundred of people upload tutorials about everything you need lớn learn. And teachers are very generous too because they put a lot of exercises so you can learn from your trang chính.

Simon, Taiwan

When I was 18 years old, I got inkhổng lồ the college. I need to lớn live in the dormitory because the school is far away from my trang chủ town. This was the first time, I live without my parent. I thought this was a big change for me but I was very excited about it, too. Because this represented I have already grown up, I needed lớn lead a live by ourselves.

No doubt, in the beginning, there were something that I can’t get used to lớn. My mother used to prepare the food for us every day, but now I need khổng lồ cook by myself. And my father used to lớn vì the housework for us, but now I also need lớn bởi vì by myself. And, furthermore, I got into lớn an unfamiliar place, I had no friends there. This made me feel alone in the beginning. But ,fortunately, I got used khổng lồ this situation quickly. I can arrange the time well lớn bởi all the housework & study. I make a lot of friends. And now I love & enjoy this kind of life. I treasure it very much.

JoseSalazar, Venezuela

Hello everyone.

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I am retired since November 2014, I used khổng lồ work in a University like metrologist but now I decided work lượt thích consultant. Some things has changed since my retired four months ago, I didn"t use khổng lồ run frequently but now I can run every day, I lượt thích read books but in the past I didn"t use khổng lồ read with the same frequently that now. And most important to lớn me that as long as I can share with my family.

Juan Carlos Moreno from Colombia

Hello everybody toàn thân I"m Juan Carlos Moreno from Colombia, in my first forty years old, I saw many changes about giải pháp công nghệ. when I was child, I used khổng lồ see tv without color in a big tv mix, in that time we only had two channel lớn see them, & now I can see any tv show since my cell phone.

when I was studying of the school, the devices for save information had little space of storage, và when I needed lớn save any document or program, I used khổng lồ save sầu that information in disquetes.

Rachada, Thailand

I started my job as a reporter trăng tròn years ago. At that time, everyone used to write articles with typist & notoàn thân wanted to lớn change. Finally, we found our job was easy withcomputer. Nowadays, I"m a freelance journadanh mục. Without computer & internet, my job is impossible. I love learning English with because, even, learning by myself, it"s fun.

Dina, France

I lived in Antananarivo when I was a child. I used to lớn walk everywhere in my district with friends. We used lớn play hide và seek in every courtyard and houses we found. Now that I am in France, I take the car or the bus everyday. I bởi vì not have time to visit family as often as I used lớn.

When I had just moved to France, I used to sover letters lớn relatives và friends. Now, I communicate with them through social media &, from time khổng lồ time, by phone.

Thanks for your helpful courses.

Dương Thị Nga, Vietnam

I was born in Vietphái nam which is a developing country. So, we have sầu been being behind other countries in the information giải pháp công nghệ. And I still remember in 2000 that is the fist time that my family had possessed the telephone. At that time I was really happy và excited khổng lồ hear the Call by phone. But my country has been being one of countries of developing countries information công nghệ world"s fasdemo in recent years. So, we had 2 computers for my older brother and me, we had television, cell phones for all people.

Technology plays an important part in life. All people can chat with each other through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Viber… These are not only fast, exact but also không lấy phí. Technology helps us communicate with everyone in all over the world. Multinational companies can exchange work directly with by online meetings, that’s mean they will save a lot of costs lượt thích airfare, khách sạn expenses as well as much time. Besides, we can be entertained with activities such as watching television, listening music, playing games…For those who are passionate about understanding & learning, giải pháp công nghệ is really very useful. Only with a điện thoại thông minh, they can learn foreign languages; discover the culture of other countries that do not need lớn go khổng lồ that country… Nowadays, the information giải pháp công nghệ is an indispensable part of life for everyone và for me, too. I have sầu a few friends overseas. We often talk to each other via facebook, gmail, skype… So that, I haven’t never felt distant from them. Not only that but I also have sầu more friends in other countries.

Technology is really very useful, but if you abuse the giải pháp công nghệ, it will leave the unpredictable consequences. Please use công nghệ effectively to improve the chất lượng of your life.

Ania, Poland

Hello , my name is Ania. I"m đôi mươi years old now, but when I was younger I used to lớn spkết thúc more time on the fresh air. Since many young people gain computers or other technology devices they are too lazy to meet with their friends . They are far too lazy. They just prefer khổng lồ talk with them on messengers.The other issue is our food. When I was younger I used lớn eat more healthy food, for instance apples whereas today I don"t eat them at all. In the past, I didn"t use lớn eat quichồng meals in Mc"Donalds as KFC. Here, in Poland, these kinds of fast food restaurants are more và more popular. Society has more work so they don"t spend much time near dinner table as they used to.

Mohammed, Jordan

When I was a child I grew up in a life full of scientific progress & I like all of them. In the past when I need something from anytoàn thân I used to lớn phone hlặng but now I can phone and see hyên live. I think that change in communication compare life lớn simply & full of technological development.

Phuong, Vietnam

I used lớn work at Ho Chi Minch within 7 years. I was happy when I was as a executive sầu document. I received many help from my dear colleagues. We used to work hard, eat luch, travel together. This is greathử nghiệm experience in my life. Now I move sầu my hometown khổng lồ find a new job. I never forget my company.

Mahi, the Netherlands

I live in Hollvà. I used to study. After I finished my study. I used to lớn work with different dental practices. After one year I began as entrepreneur. I used to lớn work every day but now just a few days a week. In January năm nhâm thìn I want stop working, và I want to lớn go to lớn another country because another climate is very important for me.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Regards, Mahi.

Airin Franco López, Venezuela

When I was a child I used to skết thúc letters khổng lồ my friends for different reasons. Sometimes I wrote letters because I wanted to express to my friends how much I loved them, other times I sent letters for apologies. But the person who most used khổng lồ receive sầu my letters was my mother. A few days ago she shown me some letters, It was nice because there was a lot of inocence in those letters. Right now I dont send letters to lớn anybody toàn thân, maybe some e-mails, or messages through social media. But one of the most incredible thing about tecnology is that I can speak with friends who live sầu so far away from me and I dont need khổng lồ wait for the postman.

Suzuki AyaKei, Japan

Hello everyone !I"m from Japan.

I used lớn have sầu to take a bus to lớn go out because my house was far away from the station, but now I moved và live sầu near the station. So I can go to lớn the nearest only 5 minutes on foot.

Thanks to this move, though I used to lớn take for 2 hours to go to lớn my school, now I can go there only for an hour.

Peter, Hanoi, Vietnam


My name is Peter, and I am from Hanoi, Vietphái mạnh. There are a lot of changes to me when I moved lớn Hanoi city for studying. In the past, I lived in Yenbai, a province that is 150 km from Hanoi. I used to lớn go lớn school on foot because my school is 50 meters far from my house now I have khổng lồ go to lớn university by bus. In Yenbai, My mother used to cook meals for me but now I cook by myself. That is a big change for me.

Taras Kvasnytsia, Ukraine

Hello everyone! I’m surprised how technological progress has changed the world. I used lớn have to lớn write letters to congratulate my relatives a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It took a long time until a postcard went to lớn point. But now I can just write e-mail, press “send” & my congratulation instantly reach to goal.


Hello! When I was younger I used lớn be scared about changings, now I love sầu prepare my luggage và leave sầu my trang chính town và discover the world. I also used lớn work as a waitress, now my job is receptionist in hotels. Two years ago, I used lớn live sầu in Brighton, but now I"m back to lớn my trang chủ town, sometimes I really miss my life there. There, I used lớn speak english everyday, now i don"t do that và I am losing it.


I lượt thích sports very much. I used khổng lồ bởi vì more rock climbing compared now. Today I prefer mountain climbing. One day I discovered cross running and them mountain running. Strength and fitness is very important lớn climb in mountain, so it was brilliant discover for me. I live in small town but I work in the big city. I spover o lot of time in by traveling, so I have short time khổng lồ do exercises and it"s difficult to me. I used khổng lồ jogging about 80-100 km in the week, but now unfortunately I jogging only about 5 km on the week. I used to lớn feel a lot of enthusiasm and I used khổng lồ feel very svào and invincible. In the past I used to return home on my foot. I used to lớn come baông xã home running. Last year I had leg injury. Now I"m only ust lớn climb on the artificial wall.

Lu Xiani

Things have sầu changed a lot since I got the chance to work & travel in America. When I came back after a few months, I found that my nieces were all much taller than they used to be. And my relatives are now living in new houses, which is well-decorated with beautiful scenery around. However, my parents are getting older as they used to lớn. I wish I could spkết thúc more time with them và take more care of them this year!

Alexandra Skakun, Russia

Hello! Hope you are well! I didn’t use lớn know English language few years ago and now I learn it every day. Several years ago I used lớn live in my home page town but now I live in Saint-Petersburg. Living here is fantastic. I didn’t use khổng lồ get khổng lồ anywhere by train. Now I often use the train khổng lồ get to Moscow or to lớn other cities. My live has changed. I had met a lot of new interesting people và could travel a lot. I didn’t use khổng lồ find out too much ways for the learning languages before! Thank you a lot for your job! The resource Learning English is really efficient for me. Have a good day!!!

Damian Brown

When I was a child I used lớn play with about trăng tròn cousins who were my best Friends, we used khổng lồ play all day at our grandmother"s house, my family was really big & happy, It was nearly 25 years ago. Today our family is much more bigger than in my childhood days & I have a new best frikết thúc his name is Ekom and he is my son & I"m going take him to lớn my home town và his colosal family with a lot of other best friends.

Thanh, Vietnam

When I was a single. I had a lot of free time. So I used to lớn hang out with friends at coffee shop every day in week. I used to lớn play football every at weekend. I could did anything what I want. However, when I got married seven years ago. We have two children, one boy and one girl. Everything has changed so quickly. I vì not have sầu many miễn phí times. I have sầu lớn change my habit. Almost the time I have lớn work to lớn earing money. At the weekkết thúc I spent time with children lớn take care them, helping wife clearing house…

Gyorgy, Budapest, Hungary

Everybody toàn thân should know the importance of handwriting. Love letters used khổng lồ be written by h&, but now they are written by computer or we just sover an sms. Think of a letter of one of your relatives from the anchient time. Letters used to give pleasure to read. I think of the letters that used to be drawn one by one. Those letters were beautiful & took much more time lớn write them than a computer made letter these days. The importance of writing a letter by hand is to give sầu a hvà made present & more of your time the person you love sầu.

Giuseppe, Italy

I grew up in a beautifull little town, Ercolano, in Sud Italy next lớn Vesuvio a big Volcano, but there wasn"t many job"s opportunities & so after the University i moved in Rome, the most beautiful thành phố in the world. This change has been very important for me I"m happily married & i have sầu two beautifull god when i was young i used to lớn go running every morning for myself i run only for my family.....


When I was a child I used khổng lồ draw for hours, so I developed early good skill in "life drawing’. I didn’t use to study very much, but now I love sầu reading (và reading mostly lớn understanding: for example i lượt thích social science). With the help of " Learning English’ and with my small effort, English is more pleasant và easier. I didn’t use khổng lồ love sầu foreign languages. Now I’ve changed idea. It’s never "too late’!

Efrayên ổn Buzo, São Paulo, Brazil

I"d lượt thích to tóm tắt a little bit about my life with you. I did"nt use lớn study a lot when I was under 18, but the things have sầu changed nowadays. Currently I am 21 years old & I study much harder than 3 years ago. I used lớn practice english by the wrong way, but after I know Learning English, my vocabulary & my speech are getting better.


When I was a teenager I used lớn write letters to a pen-pal who lived in Philippines, but by the time we abandoned this habit & now I have sầu no news from her. I never knew her in person, I saw her in a picture that she sent lớn me. It fascinated me lớn imagine the travel that letter had lớn pass through to lớn reach my friover. And I was fascinated by discovering different habits & a different life from mine as well. We used lớn write each other at least once a month. Now, with the new technologies, it"s easier & faster khổng lồ communicate, but I don"t feel the same magic feeling. You can"t open the envelope & you can"t read the handwriting... An gmail or an online chat imply a less personal & a too detached relation.

Pauline Moussu, Brest, Brittany, France

When I was a child our family used lớn move very frequently in different parts of France because of my father"s work.But after I spent eight years in Paris as a student, eight years in the north of France as a teacher và now I"m living in Brittany since more than thirty years. Brest is the most western thành phố in France, near the English Channel, with a weather very similar lớn the english one, sweet và rainy. It was a big change for me because I never used to lớn have close friends during my childhood và even now it"s not easy for me to lớn keep friends for a very long time. I used to lớn teach history & geography but now I am retired. I"ve sầu got plenty of time for sport, reading, watching movies. Another big change in my life! But once more it"s a bit difficult to lớn keep relationship with my former colleagues who are still working. Fortunately I use since years khổng lồ go in a local association where we can talk about the books we read và learn foreign languages lượt thích spanish & english. That"s a reason why I can now follow the curse & I find it very interesting & efficient!


Five years ago I moved to a city which is bigger then my village so many habits are changed; for example I didn"t use to lớn travel with public transport but now I use it regularly. Now I use my bike everyday, five years ago I didn"t use to use it but in the city is very useful, I can slip through the traffic very quickly. Also my nutrition is changed a lot: I used khổng lồ eat so much red meat but now I eat fruit, vegetable & legumes. I moved because of my job which is rubbish collector, so I get up very early (tomorrow at 4 o"cloông xã for example) & I didn"t use to fall down from Morpheus" arms so early!

Ewa, Poland

I used to learn English at secondary school but that was 50 years ago. After that I went on lớn study medicine at university. I became a pediatrician but didn"t manage khổng lồ improve sầu my English since then due khổng lồ heavy work load. I retired on the 1st of January and gained more time lớn improve sầu my English. I can now practice more often & I vì so with the help of the Đài truyền hình learning English every day. I enjoy your trang web very much. It"s great fun to use. Thank you very much for your work!

Zahid Hussain Khan

Hello, I am a resident of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I used lớn live in my trang chủ thành phố Karabỏ ra which is port thành phố in the south of Pakischảy. I am born & brought up there. I got all my education from the same place, I used khổng lồ go school and college by walk as these are located within the one kilometre distance from my home page. However, my university was at quite a distance away , therefore, I used khổng lồ commute through public transport.

After my education I worked in the same city for many years with a few international assignments as well. Then, I moved to lớn Dubai that I liked most from my first visit on a project. I have sầu worked here for quite a time and enjoy a comfortable life here. Life never used khổng lồ be that easier in Karachi but I still miss it.

Francois, France

My son, who is 30-year-old has lived in Xứ sở nụ cười Thái Lan for 3 years & a half. Before he left France, we used to lớn meet him once a month & we didn"t use social medias or other modern means of communication khổng lồ hear from hlặng. Since he lives in Bangkok, we use Skype & Facebook khổng lồ communicate, to hear him & see hlặng. In the same way, before he left abroad, we used lớn eat French food mainly: we didn"t use lớn eat Asian food. Since we have been khổng lồ Vương Quốc Của Những Nụ cười & surroundings countries we have got used eating Thai & Chinese food that we bởi vì like. Travelling allowed us lớn find out what we didn"t use lớn see & eat.

Shinya, Japan

I used khổng lồ live in Tokyo. When I graduated from university, I decided khổng lồ move sầu to lớn Berlin and now I"m living here in Berlin. It was very big change for me because there was no friover, no trang chủ, & no job. Maybe you are curious about why I decided khổng lồ move lớn Berlin. It"s simple reason.I really love sầu fashion. I"m really interested in Berlin based designers. This is all of my reason khổng lồ move here.

When I moved to lớn Berlin, I was surprised because Internet is slower than Tokyo and difficult to find không tính tiền wifi. Actually it suits me because I don"t like SNS. SNS has too much privacy information. These information give me too much găng tay. I would like to lớn communicate at cafe, bar, trang chính các buổi tiệc nhỏ or something lượt thích that.

I"ve sầu used Mobile phone since I was 12. The điện thoại phone was just for calling & sending text. When I was trăng tròn, I changed from di động phone lớn smart phone. How genius smart phone is. Smart phone provide me every thing. This is my first impression. But now, I can use it only wifi condition so I bought prepaid phone. I sometimes feel baông chồng lớn old life. I"m used khổng lồ being this a little bit analog life. I like it.

Marie-Eve sầu, France

In 1985 all my family, except my father moved from Madagascar to lớn France. I was a teenager.We did the big step. I left my country because of misery and to lớn pursuitbetter schooling in Europe.We have stayed in the northeast of France, in Alsace.In winter, it"s very cold, sometimes the temperatures can reach minus 10 degreevà it was the first time that I saw snow. All the ground covered by snow, as far as my sight could bring me it was White. It was fantastic. Many things had tochange : habits, school, friends. When we were in Madagascar, we used to lớn live in a house with a big garden, we feel miễn phí và could crowd & shout even late, inAlsace we were in a small flat, we had to be discreet, mind the neighborhood & keep silence after 22h.It was difficult lớn start a new life with new rules.But now, I"m very happy lớn have grown up here. I live sầu in the south by the Mediterranean sea, in Montpellier và Ihave sầu a beautiful family and a good job. I"m a scientist.


Recently, I"ve sầu been living changes in my job. I didn"t change the company where I"ve sầu work but I"ve sầu moved from department.

Since I"ve joined my company I make differents works. The most I"ve made is installing fiber optics networks. Because of it, I used to lớn travel so much around Spain. In one hand, It was an interesting job, in the other h&, I felt tired at the kết thúc of the week because I used khổng lồ drive sầu thousands kilometers by week.

In fact, I used to work in different places và buildings. Right now, I"m always working in the same office. I"m happy lớn have sầu a job and there"s no reason to complain, because in Spain we have sầu a big problem with unemployment.


I used to live with my parents but now I live with my girl frikết thúc in a big house.Before I didn"t use khổng lồ cook , now I cook every day and I"m good.I used khổng lồ eat much rices và chicken but nowadays I eat a lot of types of fishes & meat.My girlfriover told me: you are a good cook but now I"m fatter than years ago, stop cooking now, please!

Siđắm đuối, Sudan

When I was child. We used to lớn play with my cousins. We all live sầu near each other. We used to lớn play all the day no one prohibited us, but now we can’t let our children bởi that. Also my mother used to lớn vì anything at trang chủ jam, yogurt và bread. Nowadays we buy every things from supermarket. I remembering when some our neighbours used lớn watch TV with us because there are a few TV in that time. In these days anyone have a TV và you are rarely see your neigbour.

Fabio, Brazil

The bigger change that a had in my life was about education.

When I was young I didn"t use to like to lớn study, I preferred spent my

miễn phí time playing sports, mainly soccer. But when I was 16, suddenly I

started lớn like

lớn study and my life has changed. Because of education, I had an

opportunity to lớn live sầu in another thành phố, I used khổng lồ live in a countryside of

São Paulo state, and now I have lived in the biggest city of the

country, as well a had opportunity khổng lồ visit others countries and

graduate in engineering. I have more dreams lớn achive in my life but

these ones that I have sầu achieved are some dreams that I used khổng lồ have when

I was young.

Jian Lima, Lages, State of Santa Catarimãng cầu, Brasil

In all my life I had many important changes. However, the most important challenge was when I moved lớn another đô thị because I needed study in a university.

Unfortunately in my hometown there aren"t university. So, I needed live sầu alone, in beginning it wasn"t easy. I used lớn have a lot of không tính tiền time và I used to lớn practice many sports and I didn"t use lớn worry about nothing, just with my books and my school grades. When I moved I also started to work, a lot.

Although it had been very pained, today I know that everything I faced was good for my pessoal development.

Now, I know cooking và washing & some others things about housework.

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Besides, I learned to lớn manage my own life because I used khổng lồ be too sloppy but I am now graduated & to be continue lớn live sầu alone without the biggest problems.