Activate office 2019 via command line

How khổng lồ activate Microsoft Office 2019 Permanently Offline 2021 – Have you just installed Microsoft Office 2019? If so, then the next step is that you have khổng lồ activate it so that it can be used permanently. How to lớn permanently activate Microsoft Office 2019 don’t worry it’s very easy, you can even bởi it without software và sản phẩm keys. just follow this article.

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How khổng lồ activate Office 2019 without software

If you don’t want lớn use the software, then this last method will be suitable for you. The reason is, this method can be done offline because it only requires a notepad application which of course is already on your máy vi tính or computer.

The following are the steps for activating ms office 2019 offline:

xuất hiện the notepad application then paste the script earlier.Save the tệp tin và name it activator. cmdRight-clichồng the file & select the Run As Administrator option.The cmd window will open automatically.If there is a success message, then Office 2019 has been successfully activated.Done.

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So, friends, That’s above how to lớn activate Microsoft Office 2019 Permanently, you can do it without the help of software so you also don’t need khổng lồ disable the antivi khuẩn first.

There are several ways khổng lồ activate Office 2019 that you can try on your máy tính or PC. With a choice of methods, you can adjust which method is most effective for you.

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