The Flicker oil lamp is a subtle mood maker. It’s as simple as it is attractive: 3 tube lights of stainless steel in an oil glass with a silicone safety cap. Each tube contains a nonwearing glass fiber fuse that will last for years. A bottle of lamp oil is included in the gift box. More atmosphere with Flicker!

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It’s a subtle mood maker: the Flicker oil lamp by Duo Design. Because of its simple lines và neutral color, the Flicker is suitable for nearly every interior. This chất lượng little lamp consists of three 18 centimet tube lights of stainless steel containing a fuse of glass fiber - in an oil glass with a silicone safety cap. The glass fiber fuse will last for years, and a small bottle of oil is included. The Flicker adds an extra touch of atmosphere to an evening at home or in the garden.

The road to lớn the Flicker

How bởi vì we thiết kế and produce an attractive sầu little oil lamp that is as simple & elegant as possible? Emiel Vaessen và Gert Jan Vogel from Duo Design started out with this question, which leads khổng lồ the development of the Flicker oil lamp. It’s currently being sold worldwide, but it was designed and assembled in the Netherlands.

Brand: Duo Design
Designer: Emiel Vaessen&Gert Jan Vogel

: Stainless steel, glass fibre, glass, silibé cap


: Stainless steel tubes: 18 x 0,6 cm (h x ø)


: Bottle with 200 ml lamp oil


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