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Frostbite Falls, Alces and English. Hi. Your second example is correct. However, in a more general way we frequently say simply, "I am in class.".I am in class 9 now. ... I have sầu scored 77.67% in class X, now I am in class XI. .... IITJEE Preparation: I am in class 10th , from next year I want khổng lồ prepare for jee, ...Central Board of Secondary Education, India: I am in class 12th và I am totally confused about what should I bởi vì. Any help? I am currently studying in class 12th ...Currently I am in class X preparing for IITJEE 2017 and I am ready lớn sacrifice anything to lớn get under 50 rank . I have sầu joined VMC và also got around 180 rank ...

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Some examples from the web:

9) When I am at class or school, I will choose actions or decisions that ____ . 10) When I am mad or upmix, I will choose actions or decisions that ____ .It also happens when I am at class.I always thua kém my concentration during lectures . What should I do? Sorry for my poor English. :). UpdateCancel ...... I can bởi vì, or any assistance/programs out there lớn help me be able to possibly stay at trang chủ with him, other than when I am at class. Please don"t get me wrong, ...Dec 15, năm ngoái ... When I am at class during the day, I vị all that I can lớn get home page as fast as I can. Then when I get baông xã I am saddened thinking about what I am ...

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I am in my english class or I am at my english class? I am on transit or I am in transit? I am in Starbucks or I am at Starbucks? I am at the mall or I am in mall? I AM at school or I am in school?

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