2 : sanctioned by authority : having or done with legal or official approval an authorized biography an authorized translation

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Recent Examples on the Web American youngsters must be at least 12 years old to receive an authorized vaccine, and the CDC recommends unvaccinated kids older than 2 wear masks when indoors.

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— Eliott C. Mclaughlin, CNN, 13 July 2021 Floridomain authority as a whole had 15% of the nation’s new coronavirut cases last week — 11,760 — more than any other state, with a 52% increase in infections ahy vọng children under 12, for whom there is not yet an authorized vaccine. — Stephen Hudak,, 7 July 2021 Although Neville obviously had the cooperation of many in Bourdain’s inner circle, the film never feels authorized or hagiographic. — Peter Rainer, The Christian Science Monitor, 14 July 2021 The Food và Drug Administration, which regulates vaccines, & the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, which decides on how authorized shots will be deployed in the U.S., are still gathering data on boosters. — Alexander Tin, CBS News, 14 July 2021 Going khổng lồ the Apple và Microsoft retail stores & authorized repair shops is a simple option, but the costs there can be so high that you might be persuaded khổng lồ just buy a new device.

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Thành Phố New York Times, 14 July 2021 Discharging a firearm, air rifle or gas gun is banned, except in authorized public shooting ranges. — Hayley Smith, Los Angeles Times, 14 July 2021 Bright was an authorized signor of ngân hàng accounts for the schools and the father of the schools’ CFO, Greg Bright. — Arika Herron, The Indianapolis Star, 12 July 2021 The company used lớn only allow its authorized service providers lớn receive authentic Apple parts và other materials needed khổng lồ make fixes. — Michelle Toh, CNN, 9 July 2021

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