Bars là gì

a place where drinks, especially alcoholic drinks, are sold and drunk, or the area in such a place where the person serving the drinks stands:

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The bar of an electric heater is a long, thin wire in the shape of a spring that is wrapped tightly around a tube. When electriđô thị passes through it, it produces heat và red light.

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one of the small equal parts inlớn which a piece of music is divided, containing a fixed number of beats:
I tried to lớn push past her but she barred my way/path (= stood in front of me & prevented me from getting past).
a svào pole, esp. one made of metal, used as a tư vấn, lớn force something to lớn move sầu, or to blochồng an opening:
a place, sometimes within a restaurant, where alcoholic drinks are served, or a long, high table in such a place along which people stand or sit while drinking:
one of the small equal parts inkhổng lồ which a piece of music is divided, containing a fixed number of beats:
a bar (to sth) A laông xã of formal education does not have to lớn be a bar to lớn success in business & politics.

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khổng lồ prsự kiện something or someone from doing something or going somewhere, or khổng lồ refuse to lớn allow something:
bar sb/sth from (doing) sth Lawyers on both sides have sầu been barred from discussing the case in the press.
the group of barristers (= lawyers who are allowed lớn argue a case in a higher court), or the profession of such lawyers:
Each bar of the histogram is a " bin " representing the number of spikes within a given time-frame : in all experiments each " bin " represents 1 second.
The rules at the university where he taught that student barred his giving her a grade before she had finished her paper.
Under the conditions of transparency, dots of the background were visible between the gaps of the dots of the random-dot bar.
The latter is illustrated by a vertical bar in figure 4, which gives the span of results obtained in recent lock-exchange experiments.
Second with regard to lớn a decrease in turnover came restaurants, bars & other centres of the nightly entertainment industry.