What does "break a leg" mean?

Break a leg meaning! The following lesson provides what does “break a leg” mean, it’s origin & how khổng lồ use this idiom with useful examples & ESL infographic.

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What Does “Break a Leg” Mean?

“Break a leg” means “good luck!”

When someone says this lớn you, they don’t actually mean that they want khổng lồ break one of your legs. It comes from superstitious actors in the theatre where it is considered bad luông xã to wish an actor a good luck before they go onstage. Therefore, by saying break a leg, they are actually wishing sometoàn thân luông chồng in an ironic way. Over the years, this expression started being used lớn wish someone good luông chồng in the daily situation.

When you hear “break a leg”, it really means “vị well”. Also, it can mean to lớn work really hard at something.

In a nutshell, “break a leg” is an entertainment idiom which simply means GOOD LUCK!

Example Sentences

Some different ways of this phrase being used in context are:

I know you can bởi it! Break a leg!You all look great in your costumes! Break a leg!I hope you break a leg at your job interview tomorrow.You will vì chưng fine on your presentation. Go break a leg out there.Step outside and you could break a leg slipping on your doormat.Just wanted to lớn drop you a note khổng lồ say break a leg & all those other theatrical cliches.You have sầu an exam tomorrow. Break a leg!You should leave now if you want khổng lồ arrive sầu early for the exam. Break a leg!Break a leg! Shouted the stage director khổng lồ his actors before the beginning of the play.When the team went out for the final race, the coach shouted out lớn them break a leg!Break a leg! I shouted out lớn him before he rushed in for his auditions.

Conversation Examples

Example 1:

Anna: I’m so nervous. Tonight is the first night of the play.

Sarah: Is it? Well, go out there and break a leg!

Example 2:

Tom and Jame, are having a talk before the run of Jame’s:

Tom: “You know, I wish you all the best today, Jame! Break a leg!”

Jame: “Thank you, Tom! I’ll vày my best.”

Synonyms for “Break a Leg”

Good luckBest wishesHave a blast!You were made for this!I wish you luck!Stroke of luckYou’ll vày great!All the best to you.I hope it all goes well!Bring home page the trophy.Win big time!Do yourself justice.Hope you vày well!I’m pretty confident that you’ll vị well.

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Successfully pull off the heist!All the best!Take trang chủ the crown!May the force be with you!Be careful!Best of luck!Here’s a four-leaf clover.I hope things will work out all right.Wishing you lots of luck!May all of your efforts yield a positive outcome.You are going khổng lồ be amazing!Better luông chồng next time!gọi on a higher power.Rethành viên me when you’re famous!Wishing you all the best!Blow them away!God speed!I hope everything will be all right.Go forth and conquer.I hope things will turn out fine.

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Prayers are with you.

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