Camtasia Studiocaptures perfect-unique video of anything on your screen, with no compromise between chất lượng and file kích cỡ.

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gọi it magic, but TechSmith compression giải pháp công nghệ gives you perfect-chất lượng recordings và compact file sizes. Relax & record with Camtasia SmartFocus® Don"t worry about the final hàng hóa, just relax & record your whole screen. TechSmith"s exclusive SmartFocus giải pháp công nghệ keeps traông chồng of where the action happens during your recording. Then it produces a video that zooms in on the parts you need lớn show, keeping viewers mesmerised...even on iPod-size screens. SmartFocus is completely automatic and incredibly freeing.


Record your screen to capture PowerPoint slides, software demos, webpages, và moreEdit your screen recordings và camera đoạn Clip by cutting, splicing, & combining clips with the powerful, yet easy khổng lồ use, Clip editorImport camera đoạn Clip, music, photos, & more to truly enhance your screen recordingsCustomize your screen recordings và videos with ready-to-use media themes, animated backgrounds, graphics, callouts, and moreCreate interactive videos with clickable liên kết, table of contents, search, & moreEasily mô tả videos that yourviewers can watch anywhere, on nearly any device Camtasia
Recorder puts all your options in one spot, to lớn get you started faster. Grab the whole screen, dial in your dimensions, or select a window or region. Recorder can even lock onlớn an application window, providing a pixel-perfect fit between your subject matter and the recording area và it remembers the dimensions and location of your last recording, so your next one will be consistent...and faster, too! A picture’s worth a thousand words, but even a đoạn Clip is helped by a little narration.

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With Camtasia Studio you can capture audio while you’re recording...or add narration & music later. The Camtasia Studio toolbar inside of PowerPoint makes it one-click-easy lớn record your presentations, either live or from the comfort of your desk, and you get much more than just a slideshow.Camtasia Studio
captures everything—exact slide timing, animations, sound effects, narration, webcam video clip, và any webpages or applications displayed onscreen during the presentation. It"s the next best thing to being there!Simply aim a webcam at the presenter, và Camtasia Studio will capture & synchronize that Clip with the screen recording, or import Clip files captured with a digital camcorder! You don’t need a separate tool lớn create podcasts, use Camtasia Studio khổng lồ record high-unique standalone audio, và then publish it in MP3 format. Upload khổng lồ iTunes. Draw on the screen to lớn illustrate or point something out. Highlight cursor movements & mouse clicks khổng lồ help viewers follow the action. Set markers lớn indicate section breaks or rough spots that need editing. Maybe you have specific requirements or maybe you just love sầu to lớn tinker.Camtasia Studiolets you tweak production settings lớn your heart"s content, and makes it easy to lớn generate and compare a 30-second pnhận xét at each setting. You have sầu the flexibility to produce videos in any of today"s (or tomorrow"s) popular formats! Right now, the list is:Web và blog (MP4)Flash (SWF)iPod/iPhone/iTunes (M4V)CD/DVD/lossless export (AVI)Silverlight-compatible WMVQuickTime (MOV)RealMedia (RM)Animated GIFAudio only (MP3)