cloông chồng in

1. To mark one”s arrival at work, as on a time clock (a device that stamps the arrival và departure time onto lớn each employee”s timecard, or records the times digitally). In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “clock” & “in.” I got in trouble with the trùm because I clocked in 20 minutes late today. Go see Janet, she”ll clochồng you in.2. To complete a task or competition in a certain length of time. Unfortunately, you clocked in five-tenths of a second behind the swimmer who won the race.3. To reach a certain speed. Did you see that? His slap shot clocked in at 80 miles per hour!See also: clock

clock someone in

to lớn observe sầu and record someone”s time of arrival. The manager says he clocked you in at noon. That”s a bit late, isn”t it?See also: clock

clock in

khổng lồ record one”s time of arrival, usually by punching a time clochồng. What time did she cloông chồng in? She forgot lớn clock in today.See also: clock

cloông chồng in

Begin work, as in She clocked in late again.

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Also, cloông chồng out, kết thúc work, as in Please wait for me; I forgot khổng lồ cloông chồng out. The allusion here is to punching a time cloông xã, a device that punches the time on a card to record when an employee arrives và departs. See also: clock

clock in

v.1. To begin an activity at some recorded time, as by stamping the time on a timecard: The workers must cloông xã in before 8:00.2. To be measured as having some speed: The fasthử nghiệm bicycle riders clocked in at over 40 miles per hour.3. To complete a task or activity after some duration of time: The slowest cars in the race clocked in at 12 minutes.See also: clock

clock in

in. khổng lồ record one’s arrival at a phối time. He clocked in three minutes late. See also: clockSee also:

cloông xã in

clock in Begin work, as in She clocked in late again. Also, cloông chồng out, end work, as in Please wait for me; I forgot khổng lồ cloông xã out. The allusion here is khổng lồ punching a time cloông chồng, a device that punches the time on a card khổng lồ record when an employee arrives and departs.

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clip on clip on(to) (someone or something) clip out clip out of clip over the ear clip somebody's wings clip someone’s wings clip someone's wings clip someone's wings, khổng lồ clip wings clip-on clipped clipping clitty cloak cloak (someone or something) in secrecy cloak in secrecy cloak-and-dagger clobbered clock cloông xã (one) clochồng (someone or something) at (a certain speed) clock (someone or something) at speeds of (some amount) clochồng at cloông xã at speeds of clock in clochồng is ticking, the cloông xã off clock out clock up clochồng watcher clock-watcher clockwork clod clodhopper clog clog (something) with (something) clog up clog with clogs to lớn clogs in three generations cthua kém cthua (in) around (someone or something) cthất bại (one) out of (something) cchiến bại (one's) ears lớn (someone or something) cchiến bại (one's) eyes và think of England cchiến bại (one's) eyes to lớn (something) cthua (one's) mind (to) (something) cthua trận a deal cthất bại a sale close a/the khuyến mãi cchiến bại a/the sale clear with clew climb clinging vine clip someone”s wings cloông xã in clochồng is ticking, the clock up clockwork close

clock-maker clochồng pulse cloông chồng rate cloông chồng signal clock speed clochồng tower clock-watcher clock-watching clocked clocker clockers clocking clocks clockwise clockwork clockworks clod clod-breaker clock in là gì

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