Comfort zone là gì

a situation in which you feel comfortable và in which your ability and determination are not being tested:

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in your/out of your comfort zone Sometimes you have to lớn step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.
This seems khổng lồ reflect the authors comfort zone, as evidenced by the incorrect reformulation of the "bottom quintile" as the "bottom 5 per cent".
We must all get used to lớn stepping outside our normal "comfort zone" of endeavour and talking lớn others who have a different view of the world.
Adult reactions khổng lồ future shoông chồng can take the size of a retreat to a comfort zone, in which one can deny that the world is changing.
The first was that that kind of development is outside the comfort zone of today"s construction companies.
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Scannell persuaded hlặng khổng lồ play for that very reason, that he wanted to see a seasoned drummer play outside of his comfort zone.
Yearwood noted that finding a comfort zone when recording was more important than simply finding confidence.
Brewer knew what it meant to lớn be a woman & what opportunities were given khổng lồ men stepping outside of her comfort zone with tremendous success.
Natalie focused on how she came into lớn the game wanting to lớn gain the confidence in going outside her comfort zone and that she appreciated everybody toàn thân on the jury.

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Unsoeld lived và died by his philosophy that spirituality và a real grasp of the soul could be gained by risk và pushing past your personal comfort zone.
Stag hunting, wilderness survival, canyoning, stomach churning farm challenges & catching rabbits for dinner are just some of the challenges designed lớn push them out of their comfort zones.
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