Acadia Crawfish

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With more than trăng tròn years of experience supplying chất lượng Cajun food lớn restaurants, caterers, and food lovers everywhere, is the ultimate destination for cooks và enthusiasts. Known as crayfish, crawdads, mudbugs, or freshwater lobsters, our premium selection of live crawfish provides unlimited opportunities khổng lồ spice up your weeknight meal routine or introduce your family khổng lồ the wonders of Cajun & Creole flavors. Our assortment includes crawfish with or without seasoning. No work và no hassle. Just heat & serve sầu lớn your taste buds’ delight! Browse our extensive sầu selection today. Whether you plan on serving étouffée, delicious cornbread, or a Louisiana-inspired pasta, our variety of live sầu crawfish can be incorporated inlớn a wide variety of tasty dishes. Make a beautiful spring afternoon even more delightful by throwing a crawfish boil for a birthday, a corporate event, a holiday celebration, or any special occasion. Achieve the authentic Cajun experience by incorporating our jumbo & large combinations of crayfish inkhổng lồ a scrumptious seafood medley. By buying our fresh crawdads in bulk, you receive sầu an excellent value & can save some for future recipes or festivities. Why wait for Mardi Gras when you can enjoy the mouthwatering juices of fresh crawfish today? To enhance your boil, consider adding corn, onions, mushrooms, green beans, lemons, và other complementary produce options. In addition lớn live crawfish, we also offer tails, whole softshell, puree, boiling liquids, seasonings, dips, and flavorings. If you’ve sầu always wanted to try crayfish but lack the equipment lớn prepare it, you’ve come to lớn the right place. We offer aluminum stoông xã pots, lids, baskets, cookers, và everything you need khổng lồ throw the perfect backyard boil for your friends & family. We proudly stvà behind the unique of our products and ensure the freshest variety for our loyal customers. Whether whole, tails, or field run, our wide range of crawdads will have sầu your taste buds begging for more. If you have sầu any questions about our selection or would like to learn more about our rewards program, liên hệ a member of our team today for further assistance.

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