If you’re a casual computer user, there’s a good chance you haven’t really taken advantage of keyboard shortcuts. That’s fair enough, as we’re all busy people và taking the time khổng lồ learn these mundane things isn’t always a priority.

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One shortcut you definitely should learn, however, is Ctrl + Z. It’s pretty much the perfect keyboard shortcut, letting you unbởi mistakes on all areas of your PC. Here we show you all the wonderful ways you can utilize the Ctrl + Z shortcut.

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1. Unbởi vì Writing or Editing Mistakes

The most common way lớn use Ctrl + Z is in writing, video editing, image editing and other software. Whether you’re working in a Word Document, tin nhắn, coding tool, input field in your browser, or just about any other program on your PC, hit Ctrl + Z khổng lồ unvì chưng the last thing you wrote.

The same applies for programs like PhotoShop & InDesign. Whether you’ve sầu just over-touched an image or misplaced a segment on an InDesign tệp tin, hit Ctrl + Z lớn unvày the last thing you did.

Depending on which program you use, you can press Ctrl + Z repeatedly khổng lồ unvị multiple inputs. Each program has its own limits, but many set a cap of đôi mươi undos before you can’t go any further.

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2. Undelete Files and Folders

This is a very handy way to lớn use the keyboard shortcut. Have sầu you ever accidentally deleted a file or thư mục while managing your files in Windows 10? This usually isn’t a reason khổng lồ panic, as you can just go to the Recycle Bin & restore the tệp tin from there, but if you want to save sầu a ton of time, just hit Ctrl + Z instead khổng lồ bring it bachồng.

Robert Zak

Content Manager at Make Tech Easier. Enjoys Android, Windows, & tinkering with retro console emulation to lớn breaking point.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the idea of using a personal computing device, be it a desktop, laptop, Chromebook or a smartphone, to lớn make life easier for the user? Weren’t Windows and other Graphic User Interfaces created to make it unnecessary for users khổng lồ have lớn learn the esoteric, byzantine and unintuitive keystroke combinations & commands? Wasn’t the mouse invented to lớn make easier user’s interaction with a GUI?

Then why are tech writers constantly pushing keyboard shortcuts?!!! What is simpler for the average user – use a mouse to lớn click on menu items or try to learn và remember dozens, if not hundreds, of unintuitive sầu key combinations? Granted that there are certain key combinations that are universal. However, for the most part, each application has its own meaning for existing key combinations and/or has a bunch of its own combinations. After a while, learning more & more keyboard shortcuts makes learning commvà line look easy.

John C.

Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-A, F1, F2, F5 are all keystrokes và keystroke combinations that have sầu served me well over the decades và continue to vì so. Without them, using a computer would be far more tedious. People who object to lớn learning them are categorically type B personalities. In other words, they’re people who can’t grasp the concept that if investing a little time in something (like learning these keystrokes và keystroke combinations) can vastly save sầu you time over the long haul, it’s probably worth doing. Great article, Robert. Keep ’em coming!

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