Diablo ii: lord of destruction the fury within mod

Lord of Destruction takes the story where Diablo left off. As we all know, Diablo was destroyed and his hordes were scattered. Unfortunately, his older brother. Baal is still alive sầu & kicking. He sets off lớn wreak his revenge after he took his own Soul-stone from Marius. He advances towards the barbarian highlands that hide the World-stone, a strange artifact that separates World of Sanctuary from heaven & hell. If he manages to damage or destroy the World-stone, Baal will be able lớn sumtháng the demons from hell and take control of the mortal realms.

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The expansion starts with the fifth chapter. Here you will see that Baal reached the highland foothills. The fifth chapter won"t give sầu you the time to lớn slowly accommodate lớn the game; you will have sầu to lớn fight as soon as the game starts. You enter the scene during the siege of the Harrogath castle, và have no other option than khổng lồ help defkết thúc the stronghold and then go after Baal.
The technical improvements are quite obvious: you will finally be able to lớn play the game in 800x600 with real lighting effects, which make the game look much better. On the other h&, there are some frame-rate glitches if you play the game in 800x600 in the last chapter in Narrogath. Act five sầu has a far better design than the first four. The terrain is crowded with siege engines, & catapults that will try lớn hit you và your companions. A lot of barbarian NPCs will join you in your fight against evil.
If you play the game as a barbarian, you can expect to lớn be treated as a subject at the Harrogath court. The six new quests are a bit more complicated than the simple goals in the first chapters, but the players who are after action only, can still skip the story và go for the goals. The expansion contains a lot of new creatures, altogether fifteen new models & their sub-classes, some of which have quite specific attacks & tactics rendering this chapter harder than the rest of the game. The animation is very good, & I especially liked the Overseer death animation: his flesh melts "till there is no more than a skeleton standing, & it later falls lớn the ground. Various types of Demon Imps will teleport around and cast fireballs at you, và mind you, they are dangerous as they are always trying khổng lồ swarm you. Moon Lord is one of the versions of demonic Minotaur wielding two axes. My only remark here is that Baal has poorly been designed & balanced as he is easier lớn kill than some of his minions.
What is the differents in this version? Armor:. Added new type of armors khổng lồ give sầu way for the new sets. Lots of New Armors including their exceptional & Elite versions. Added Hireling armors which is designed only for them.
Their Durability=1 so dont attemp khổng lồ wear those types. You can"t even repair them to lớn vendors. New sets added for armors. Lots of new inventory thành tích gfx for armors. Weapons: 1. Added new type of weapons to give way for the new sets. Added Hireling weapons which is designed only for them.
Their Durability=1 so dont attemp to lớn equip those types. Again you can"t even repair them! New sets added for weapons. Lots of new inventory item gfx for weapons. Added Tons of New Items (didn"t remove sầu any from original LoD items).
This way TFW is lượt thích an expansion of an expansion. duh?!.Thanks to Joel for some cool inventory graphics. How they differ from one another?? Well base AC và base damage of the items are alot better! And some of them has an automagic that doen"t need to lớn be magical to lớn have magical powers. I"ll try lớn các mục some of them. Discover them all!
Itemtypes: Lots of new itemtypes. Lots of them can acquire skills lượt thích Orcish Boots for Barb, Lethal boots for Assn & a lot more. Difficulty: The Fury Within Simulates 6 player game. All monsters has x6 HP.. Slightly Increased Monster Density and increased their damage. Reduced Hp of Elder, Priestess và Butcher Experience: Normal=x2, NM=x3 & Hell=x5 Max cấp độ was now clvl 100. Gain from Butcher, Priestesses and Elder Gems: Original Gems are improved in terms of stats.
Better see it for yourself. Fury Gems: 1.Each Fury Gems has special powers that when you transmute khổng lồ any thành tích but with restrictions based from the powers they can have sầu. You can create your own sản phẩm.
So more gems collected, more mods and stats for your favorite công trình. It will work in Normal, Magic and Rare items. 2.75 New Fury Gems That you can play with. 3.Restrict mods allowed to somewhat 35-40 (cant remember the exact) 4.You can now upgrade fury gems.
Combine 3 of the same type & you"ll get 1 higher lvl fury gems. 5.Since you can now socket them, We added rarity, cấp độ và lvl requirement. 6.How can I know if my fury gem can transmute khổng lồ a Helm?? Well, its pretty obvious if the Fgem doesn"t have a property listed for helms then you can"t combine it khổng lồ your favorite helm.Thanks to lớn Riparious for Fury Gem Graphix.
Runewords are now working! Added New Magical & Rare Runes to customize or randomized Runewords! Gamble: You can now gamble class specific items including amulets.Gamble Runes (?).Gamble Greek Runes ($).Gamble Books.Gamble Scrolls.You can gamble them for a price! Themes: Lots of new backgrounds including the loading screen etc. Inventory: A new 10x8 Inventory.Thanks to lớn Zhoulomcrist for clearing out some columns in inventory.txt. Hirelings: New Skills develop by the hirelings. They are awesome but please give sầu feedbaông chồng about balancing issues.
219 downloads Uploaded: Want to lớn download a 1-MB version of this patch instead? Medianxl.com (requires v6d installed) GENERAL - Global buffs to lớn most sets (see below).
Global màn chơi mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa reduction (see below). Global reduction of effects on skills (see below). Direct compatibility with The Sin War realm (for D2SE users).
BUGFIXES - Finally fixed Time Strike proc on Segnitia, Dyers Eve & Inarius" Roông chồng. Re-find them! - Elemental stones now properly work with runemaster.
Sudden Death: fixed screaming eagle proc. Trader"s Chest: no longer spawns with required cấp độ of 666. Trap Rat Form: now correctly displays up to 3000 health. Fixed change where I accidentally increased health per level/vitality and base block khổng lồ the Assassin instead of Druid.
Fixed the messed up sound environments. LEVELS - Reduced all màn chơi densities by 33% on all difficulties. I KNOW IT WAS A BIT TOO MUCH. PATIENCE - Furthermore, reduced densities of the following levels even more: - Duncraig (increased difficulty khổng lồ match) - The Secret Cow Level (increased difficulty lớn match) - Act 2 Sewers level 1, 2 & 3.
Fauztinville - Tran Athulua - Maggot Lair level 1, 2 & 3. Lower Kurast, Kurast Bazaar & Upper Kurast. Toraja - Bremmtown (increased difficulty khổng lồ match) - Disabled going lớn previous stage on the following levels: - Swampy Pit Level 3 - Act 3 Sewers Level 2 - Icy Cellar DROPS - Sets: reduced ilvl of regular Sets to 115, you can find them in some terror uberquests now. Sets: slightly increased drop chance overall.
Shadowgate Totems: now drop sets half of the time. Chrysaor: reduced chance he will drop two uniques.
Uniques: increased drop rates of quivers. Ring of the Five: now drops once per game. ITEMS - Gehenna: reduced proc chance to lớn 5%, skill levels khổng lồ +1 và run/walk tốc độ to lớn -một nửa. Demonic Touch: removed cataclysm proc. Steel Terror: reduced MIRV proc chance to 1%. These items are now "Legacy" và need khổng lồ be re-found.
Monsters - Minions of Terror: no longer multiplicate hemoplague-style. Diablo Clone: heavily reduced animations and effects.
Firebloods: now spawn in packs of 3-4. Shredders: reduced paông xã form size lớn 3-4. CHARACTERS - Amazon: - Bloodstorm: doubled tốc độ of each bolt.
Phalanx: reduced effects. Barrage: reduced effects. Assassin: - Perfect Being: now starts with 24% avoid instead of 25%.
Broadside: reduced effects (you will see less knifes, but the skill is still the same). Barbarian: - Guardian, Protector & Defender Spirits: reverted to lớn their old AI. Fortress: halved duration, doubled fire rate.
Towers no longer look semi-transparent. Druid: - Quill Storm: decreased starting quill targets lớn 2. Elemental: reduced effects. Idol of Scosglen: reduced effects. Cascade: reduced effects.
Spore Shot: reduced effects. Faerie Fire: trails now last only 1 second, tripled damage. Mythal: reduced effects. Necromancer: - Bane: slightly lowered cap lớn 75%. Increased life gained per màn chơi. Paladin: - Increased life gained per cấp độ. Tainted Blood: now adds 15% defense instead of 5% per cấp độ.
Retaliate: now has 100% chance khổng lồ knockbaông xã, up from 75%. Brimstone: reduced effects. Colosseum: reduced effects. Debuff now looks like Amplify Damage, but isn"t (so it IS stackable with Amplify Damage). Sorceress: - Increased life and mana gained per level. Vengeful Power: now adds 25% max life, increased crush attacker chance cap to lớn 75%. Other: - Lightning Wall: charged bolts (explosion missile) are now invisible.
FULL SET BONUSES (you don"t need lớn re-find them!) - Scosglen"s Legends: adds gives 15% chance to cast Fortress on Attaông chồng (up from 8) and +8 to lớn Plague. Vasily"s Following: adds 30% chance khổng lồ cast Glacial nova on Kill (up from 15), pierces một nửa cold resistances and has a 20% chance khổng lồ cast Javelin Nova on kill.
Rex Vex" Embrace: adds +150 khổng lồ energy factor instead of Death Coil. The Snake Pit Set: adds +150 life after each kill, increased flat damage to lớn 250-1000. Creed Set: replaced when "struck" broadside proc lớn knife throw, increased chance lớn 1/2. Reduced flat stats to +200.
Vizjun"s Devices: adds +8 khổng lồ assassin skills, và +10% to all max resistances instead of normal resistances. Increased heal after kill khổng lồ +100. Witchhunter"s Attire: adds +150 life on melee attaông chồng, increased elemental pierce values to 75%. Gathering of the Tribes: increased strength damage bonus from +30 lớn +70, increased earthquake on attaông chồng chance khổng lồ 50%. Big trò chơi Hunter: now has 5% chance to cast Blast Wave sầu on kill, and adds +66% faster run/walk. Spirits of the Nephalem: increased flat energy andstrength to lớn 500, increased edyrem reanimate chance to lớn +50%.
Caoi Dulra: adds +2000 fire damage. Rainbow Warrior: now has 100% chance of UA, & heals 1 life on striking. Satanic Mantra: adds +7 to all necromancer skills. Rathma"s Empire: adds +25% CB, and +5% max resistances as well as một nửa faster run/walk. Achilio"s Wake: increased max damage from +200 khổng lồ +500, increased reanimate chance khổng lồ 5%.
The Towerlord: increased extra totems to lớn +2, and minion life to lớn +100%. Cinadide"s Craft: adds +13 lớn bane, slow increased to 75%. Hadriel"s Lore: increased Total Character Defense lớn +200%, Paladin Skills khổng lồ +4, and added +75 heal after each kill. Malthael"s Sanctuary: increased elemental pierce values lớn 100%. Added +100% lightning pierce và spell damage too & a 15% chance to cast Supernova on attachồng. Imperius" Edict: increased all stats to +300, và avoid to lớn +30%. The Warmage: increased energy bonus to lớn +100%, và adds +5 to lớn sorceress skills.
Zann Esu"s Secrets: increased damage reduced to lớn +50%, all resistances lớn +75%. Elemental Children: increased lightning pierce to lớn +150%. Adria"s Circle: increased sorceress skill levels to lớn +12. The Mysteries: increased defense khổng lồ +4000, crushing blow khổng lồ +25% & damage khổng lồ +500. 158 downloads Uploaded: CHANGELOG FOR ALL OLDER VERSIONS: v1, v2, v3, v4 và v5. Other/Important All Uber Bosses / Act Bosses / Quest Bosses / Superuniques now have a long health bar.
New Uberquest: Kabraxis New Uberquest: Athulua. New Uberquest: Uldyssian. New Uberquest: Diablo Clone (Multiplayer).
New Uberquest: Secret quái thú. Increased Inventory form size. Increased base run/walk tốc độ for all characters Visually modified over than half of the active sầu character skills. Several charms merged, và resized lớn 1x1. Shrines no longer have sầu text-walls. Mercenaries can wear belts/boots/gloves/amulets. "Target Takes Additional Damage of X" works with ranged attacks.
Increased gold sell cap for ALL NPCs by x10. Only SU"s/Sets can be used for Learning Sigs. You can gamble jewels now. You can teleport in town now.
Changed frequency of some phối drops. Leech penalties halved for terror/destruction Fresh Characters start with 3 signets of gold.

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50 New Runewords. Rebalanced all Mystic Orbs. Elixirs: now last 1 minute instead of đôi mươi seconds. Optical Detector: now gives resistances và all stats. Apples now regene 100% of your life in 3 seconds. Gift Boxes - New cống phẩm type, that can be found from specific bosses.
Maps Modified following levels: All towns, Graveyard, Act 3 Sewers (new uber), River of Flame, Wolrdstone Keep 4, Flayer Dungeon 3, Spider Cavern (new uberlevel). Increased form size of some mazes. Some places lượt thích Den of Evil, become bigger depending on difficulties.
Quests: Act 3: Khalim"s Will is now dropped by Lachdanan. Act 2: Staff of Kings is now dropped by Plaguewrath. Cube Recipes (see: Cube Recipes thread) Dupe recipe is disabled Scroll of Resistances from Anya quest is now a cubable Lottery Recipe: less chance khổng lồ work but better benefits. Dark Summon Recipe: merges your Book of Summoning to lớn save sầu inventory space. New recipes khổng lồ tăng cấp signets. Mass Signet Disenchant: disenchant up to lớn 25 Uniques/Sets (separatedly) at the same time!
Custom Signets: check Cube recipes thread for more info. Jewelcraftig: New recipe On (500 CP) - Life/Mamãng cầu after kill. Shards: now there are shards that equal to lớn 1,2,3 và 4 items (5 is crystal). Shard Disenchanting: now you can disenchant up to lớn 10 uniques/sets (separatedly) lớn shards! UMO reroll recipe: 3x umo - new UMO.
I Am Rich Gem: no longer dropped by secret trùm, now requires 3 (changed) trophies again. Monsters Several Monster tweaks. Uberbosses/Superuniques/Questbosses Several tweaks to almost every endgame uberboss, matching difficulties.
Many tweaks khổng lồ those easy superuniques like Griswold or Blood raven. Baal on Destruction now has heroic shield. Entire quest harder. Densities Blood Moor: increased density in hatred by 5x Tran Athulua: increased density in destruction by 40% Fautzinville: reduced mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa in hatred/terror by 25%.
Several density changes too. ALL densities scale with difficulty level, & are no longer equivalent lượt thích in older patches. Uberquests Kingdom of Shadows: darkwardens now have a small chance khổng lồ spawn there, casting tremor on death. Rathma Square: now spawns flying scimitars with huge life reren. Akarat: followers now have sầu 50% ctc thunder hammer when they get hit, so careful with prebuffing! Inarius Secret Uberquest: minions now cast deahtstrike on death. Tran Athulua: amazons have 8% crushing blow now, 5% chance to cast arrowside on death.
Character Specific Changes: this part of the menu has not been compressed. I didn"t vì this so people can know specific changes about their builds và know what kind of character they will choose Amazon Ghost Arrow: reduced ND from 6 lớn 2 (HUGE damage buff), 1 arrow every 4 levels Moonbeam: Starts at 1 second duration, +0.2 per màn chơi Blood Elementals: starts at 5 elementals, cap is now 25 (up from 15).
Blood Elementals now have sầu 20% chance khổng lồ cast Fire Cannonade on Death. Barrage now gains +4 arrows per cấp độ Hyena Strike: R; capped at 10% (down from 50%) Barrage: changed mechanics, new barrage mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa is high for very low time but leaves less arrows for a long period of time. Fire elementals: 1/2 Fire pierce every 10 hard point, 10% FSD per hard point Dragonlore: slightly reduced damage Balefire: increased damage Assassin Way of the Gryphon: slightly ncreased damage. Beacon: Now starts at 10% velocity +2% per soft point. Shadow Refuge: Now has doubled total duration. Perfect Being: Now starts at 25% avoid, +1.25 per hard point Batstrike: Bats now get half of perfect being avoid bonus Psychic Scream: flee duration is 4 seconds up from 2, gains 0.2 second duration per point. Queen of Blades: Now starts at 2 minutes.
Bionetic Blast: removed. New Skill: Dark Spirit - energy based sumtháng with many spells Batstrike: bats now have slow & chance for AoE attaông chồng Starbrust: shurikens now pierce enemies, added 1 ND to compensate. (talk about AoE now) Perfect Being: starting avoid is 25% down from 30%.
Barbarian Runemaster: starts at lower def bonus but gains 0.5 def per hard point. Snake Stance: &#xsl;ow cap is now 50%. Bear Stance: now starts at 25 R; +1 R; per hard point, now capped at 100 R.
Gets 5% extra damage per soft point. Stormblast: reduced weapon damage from 3 phần tư khổng lồ 1/2 Overkill: now starts with 40 axes and gains 5 per hard point. Bear claw: now starts with no mana cost. All Spirits: start at 3 minions, they FOLLOW you now! Guardian Spirits: một nửa chance to lớn cast Bear claw on attaông xã, 100% chance to lớn cast stampede on death Defender Spirit: một nửa chance to lớn cast retaliate on attack Protector Spirit: 100% chance to cast bloodlust on death, 1% thunderslam on attack Druid Elemental: now gains an extra elemental every 15 hard points.
Hunting Banshee: now gains an extra missile every 15 hard points, và shows spirit amount. Freezing Gale: reduced base mamãng cầu cost, slightly increased damage, reduced NextDelay from 3 khổng lồ 2, now leaves a "Lightning Arena"-alike circle that will stay for some time dealing cold damage.
Tremor: base range is now 15 (down from 25) but increases by 1 per cấp độ, & max damage is 25 up from 21. Ferocity: reduced &#xIA;S bonus. Force of Nature: now (also) adds (some) flat elemental damage to weapon. Idol of Sc.: increased nova ranges, FRW starts at 0 (not -40), shoots 4 novas, reduced def bonus / stun / added ND lớn compensate.
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Pummel: reduced ND from 3 to 2. Quill Storm: reverted, now gets quills per level, removed magic damage bonus lớn compensate.
Acid Fiends: now add all elemental damage instead of just poison. Necromancer Embalming: Now starts at 0% Hp (down from 20%) but gains 5% hp per hard point (up from 4%). &#xMa;na regene reduced lớn 10% per cấp độ. Famine: Now starts at 10% life leech +1% per point.
Rathma"s Chosen: doubled duration, minions get 1/2 velothành phố +1% per level. Talon"s Hold: highest reanimate chance is 10% down from 60%, to lớn reduce lag if maxed. Burning Veil: Now gains +0.4 seconds effect duration per character màn chơi. Deathlord: now adds 80% FRW Paladin Plague: now grants 1% blochồng chance. Blood Thorns: increased damage by 1/2. Lemures: increased damage by 1/2, they pierce enemies và added some ND.
Terror Strike: added 100% increased base defense (150% base). Merkabah: now starts with doubled duration. Paladin Scourges: now use crucify as main attaông xã, and have 5% chance khổng lồ cast Lifeblood on attaông chồng.

Resonance: duration multiplied by 4. Searing Light: reduced ND from 3 to 2, changed damage type to physical, doubled range Ring of Light: removed Blazing Fury: replaces Ring of Light, buff that periodically sends fire novas that knockback and also buffs the char. Sunstonrm: now called Winterstorm, đơn hàng cold damage, changed graphics. Sorceress Sumtháng Familiar: now gets extra summon every 5 hard points. Miasma: increased damage. Nova Charge: now costs 200 mana, starts at 1 min duration, +20s/lvl.
Hive: now costs 200 mana, starts at 1 min duration, +20s/lvl. Chronofield: now has doubled duration and halved mamãng cầu cost. Firedance: doubled starting damage bonus và doubled damage bonus per cấp độ.
Abyss: doubled damage, increased range. Pyroblast: small tốc độ boost Lorenado: gains a new tornavì chưng every 10 (soft) levels. 53 downloads Uploaded:.multiplayer compatible in The Sin War. A small bugfix patch for Median XL: Ultimative.
Note, if unless you want awful drops, update to lớn this version, drop rates of v6c are terribly awful, it was a precaution I implemented in case stuff had gone very wrong. Changelog - Secret Ureh boss khủng disabled. Baal is now a lot easier. Druid - Is now the fasthử nghiệm character.
Gains more health per màn chơi and point inlớn vitality. Treewarden Morph: increased slow from 25% lớn 1/2. Trap Rat: max health is now 3000 up from 1500.
Quill Storm: now starts with 3 targets và triple amount of quills. Spells: all have sầu increased damage. What is your excuse now? Multiplayer Additions (on The Sin War realm) - New powerful 5 secret sacred uniques. New 6 secret runewords. New secret trùm, follow the hints to find him. Expanded ratio between the three layers of uniques.
Code: Summary of the various sections. chú ý the header"s ID is actually a tệp tin ID, but you get the idea:) color=blueID, content/color 0xaa55aa55, header "Woo!"
, Quest info "WS", Waypoint info 0x7701, NPC info "gf", Main stats info "if", Skill info "JM", Main itemmenu "JM", Corpse thành tựu danh sách "jf", Mercenary section (expansion char only) "kf", Iron Golem menu (expansion char only) cảnh báo that individual items ALSO has the JM ID as bởi vì the Mercenary section if you have one. quote="Hammerman";p="71819"There was posted some time ago a liên kết to lớn a page detailing the format of the.d2s tệp tin (along with checksum info). I think it was, I at least have that bookmarked. By all means, post whatever notes you have sầu. I started looking at the ptClient structure since your recent post about it, & from that the loading of the.d2s tệp tin. So if you have anything that could help me (or others) on it, please post it./quote Ahh, good source.
On a quiông chồng glance I found some errors or additions he was not aware of, but he has also looked in more details of sections I have sầu not bothered at all with, so should help a lot. Will try to lớn see what I can compile myself of it. The code is slightly "messy" since it handle multiple versions so you need to lớn trace through it, you can"t just start looking at something that looks interesting since you might end up later realising it was for an older version. quote="Paul Siramy";p="71841"I have tried khổng lồ decipher that.d2s file a loooooong time ago, I stopped when the 1.09 was released, because it inroduced a checksum in the savegame, so I couldn"t edit my saveggame và thử nghiệm them anymore.

I think many datas will be redundant with the liên kết Hammerman gave you, but I hope you"ll still find something interesting: /quote Thanks. Some of the link to jamella và such seems to lớn not work any more though. As for the checksum, it is a simple little routine found in fog.dll. quote="Jarulf";p="71821"The code is slightly "messy" since it handle multiple versions so you need to trace through it, you can"t just start looking at something that looks interesting since you might over up later realising it was for an older version./quote I had thought of that, and am now looking at it from early part of the player joining process, so I can trace from loading the.d2s in memory khổng lồ the end of the spawning process. You wouldn"t happen to have sầu more (code related) notes than the checksum funtion, would you? I got a problem. Seems I am mixing up various save file versions for items As far as I can see, the game (of course) only have one save sầu tệp tin version the current.
But need to handl all sort of versions for loading. Now as far as I could see, D2comtháng.2a81 is used for saving. It matches quite well D2comtháng.2a82 for loading.
BUT loading current version seems lớn use D2comtháng.2a83 which is different (well more simple & streamlined) for the inital part (the rest is in a code section I have sầu not with me at the moment). Anyway, this seems strange khổng lồ me.
Anyone that has some clue? I compared lớn the link given in this thread, and 2a83 clearly match that one. Would hate spending time on some older version.
Jarulf wrote:10 version of thành tích, 0, 1 or 100. 100 are new items, 0 và 1 are older items from pre expansion. Isn"t it 100 = expansion, 1 = classic (current version), 0 = pre-1.08 items?
I"m not sure though, the game seems khổng lồ have some different numbers to lớn indicate versions. At ptGame+7c is 1/0 for lod/classic. At +74 is 100/1?
For lod/classic (not sure about that 1). This is what the thắng lợi gets as version. In the affix spawning code, the part where it finds a random value between min-max (same code for all), it does: if version 1 or above sầu, rndmax - min + 1 else, rndmax - min Seems weird khổng lồ me. Oh, and if you"re still having trouble finding code for current thắng lợi save sầu version. Seems to lớn me that it is at 6FC4D040, it passes in a pointer to the starting các mục (with the JM header).
Haven"t looked anything more at it, might even not be of any help. 0 = legacy items. Isn"t it 100 = expansion, 1 = classic (current version), 0 = pre-1.08 items? I"m not sure though, the game seems lớn have some different numbers lớn indicate versions.
At ptGame+7c is 1/0 for lod/classic. At +74 is 100/1? For lod/classic (not sure about that 1). This is what the nhà cửa gets as version. In the affix spawning code, the part where it finds a random value between min-max (same code for all), it does: Yeah, you are correct. I have just never bothered with the exact details, only ever looking at the latest version of things in the code- if version 1 or above sầu, rndmax - min + 1 else, rndmax - min Seems weird to me.
No, it is not weired. Since the old code had in several places buggy code to determine a random value within a range the code to lớn read those old items (since they are saved as seeds only & need to be recreated upon load, that is imported to later versions), the bug needs to be recreated too Oh, and if you"re still having trouble finding code for current nhà cửa save version. Seems lớn me that it is at 6FC4D040, it passes in a pointer to the starting list (with the JM header). Haven"t looked anything more at it, might even not be of any help Yeah, the load code is in that area too. The problem is that I never get there in the save code on a quiông xã glance. Unknown danh sách +00 "kf" +02 0 or 1 (b) +03 if 1 an tác phẩm follows I bet this is the Item the Metal Golem is made from, since this golem is now saved. Just to lớn be sure, if you mix the Player number of corpse khổng lồ 2, does the function read the 2nd corpse datas (or at least skip it)?
That way we"ll know if it"s a Boolean or a number. Ahh, yes, good observation. It should be the iron golem items indeed. Didn"t think of it or that he was saved. As for the number of bodies, yes it is indeed a number and not really a flag. Or rather the save code will only set 0 or 1. The load code WILL loop through the number of bodies but there is no code khổng lồ actually read them correctly such as the x/y coordinates and so on.
So it will most likely kết thúc up with a crash or or simply ignoring extra toàn thân data that you introduce in the save file. I will update the information as soon as I get time. Note that editing a post does not mark the thread as having new post or nội dung. Code: Summary of the various sections. lưu ý the header"s ID is actually a tệp tin ID, but you get the idea:) color=blueID, content/color 0xaa55aa55, header "Woo!"
, Quest info "WS", Waypoint info 0x7701, NPC info "gf", Main stats info "if", Skill info "JM", Main itemdanh sách "JM", Corpse thành quả list "jf", Mercenary section (expansion char only) "kf", Iron Golem danh sách (expansion char only) Note that individual items ALSO has the JM ID as bởi vì the Mercenary section if you have one. Jarulf" wrote:Non compact save cống phẩm data 3 number of socketed items 32 creation seed, from hUnit+34 7 ilvl, from ptItemstats+28 4 quality, from ptItemstats+00 1 flag for variable picture (itemtypes "varinvgfx") 3 if flag=1, number indicating which picture to lớn use 1 flag for autoprefix on vật phẩm 11 if flag=1, info on which autoprefix So the highlighted line is what we have to change khổng lồ get ilvl over 127? Now we need khổng lồ find out where that is established when a character is created. Yes, that entry needs to be increased to more than 7 bits for the save tệp tin khổng lồ handle values larger than 127. Also, the code seting this value for saving in the save file will cap the value at 99 as well, so that cap need to be removed. I can give you the code location if needed.
quote=Myhrginoc";p="78835"That would be a good addition to lớn the Breaking the ilvl 99 Barrier thread. Thanks!/quote cảnh báo that changing it would make old saves incompatible.
One way would perhaps be khổng lồ change the save sầu version number. I think it is referenced (with compare for exact value, not just above or below a specific value and also used in switch statements) many times though so would require a bigger changes. An alternative is khổng lồ use the "free" space, but there are so many items so it is not practical. Perhaps one can in some way make it possible lớn have sầu a switch khổng lồ read 7, alternatively more bits for the màn chơi. It must be in some way to not interfer with existing version values though. One can just forget about compatability backwards though and just phối it to 8 of course. Code: 0000 0001 0000 1011 0111 1100 0101 1101 0010 0101 0101 0000 1000 0110 0001 1111 1111 The first field is the number of sockets, 0 The second is the UID, we don"t care about that The third is the ilvl, 84.
Seems reasonable. Fourth is chất lượng, 2 = normal. The thành quả does show as White in inv, so makes sense Fifth is picture field, no unique picture Sixth is autoprefix, no unique autoprefix Seventh is the listed "unknown but almost always zero" field. It isn"t zero! Next is 10 bits that I can"t for the life of me figure out. Anyone want to hazard a guess?
Finally, is the thủ thuật danh mục. The thành phầm has zero mods in-game, so the first 9 bits are all 1 to indicate termination. Any help on this one? Or should I just catch the spleen hack code & skip over the bits?