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If you want lớn download Adobe Flash Player 64-bit 2021 on a computer that does not have sầu an mạng internet connection, you need a không tính tiền offline install file. If you already have sầu an internet connection, you can download Adobe Flash Player 2021 installer for không tính phí, developed for online installation. While a 20MB data is required khổng lồ download the offline cài đặt file, you can tải về the online thiết lập file with just a 2MB data.

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As you know, when you cliông xã the tải về liên kết on Adobe’s website, the installation is done online. In that case; “Where vị I find the liên kết for manual download?” you might say. In fact, the offline thiết lập file is available on Adobe‘s website. However, not many of us can see it as they do not tóm tắt a direct download link on the page; or, by clicking a few liên kết, we can reach the page with the target liên kết by chance.

Because of the newly developed đoạn phim playback encodings, plug-in is no longer needed. Therefore, we will not tải về Flash Player plug-ins after 2021. Thanks to lớn Adobe for their support until 2021.

Download Adobe Flash Player 2021

for Windows 10

for MAC OS

for Linux

Adobe Flash Player 64 Bit

Download the Adobe Flash Player 64 bit web browser plug-in for không tính tiền, and it’s available for all Windows 64-bit Personal Computers (PC) & MAC 64-bit. By clicking the manual tải về liên kết we cốt truyện on our page, you can easily overcome all this liên kết tìm kiếm hassle. At this point, the only thing you need khổng lồ pay attention to is to know whether the version of Windows you are using is 32bit or 64bit. Because when there is a Flash Player available for 64-Bit Windows users, the opportunity to download the slower 32-Bit version is backfiring. If your computer does not have 64-Bit tư vấn, you already have sầu no choice but to lớn install 32-Bit Flash Player. Choose the appropriate Adobe Flash Player file from the link below và download it for miễn phí.


Files: flashplayer64_xa_install.exeVersion: 2021 / type: .EXEOriginal author(s): FutureWave sầu, MacromediaDeveloper(s): AdobeInitial release: January 1, 1996Operating system: Windows, macOS, LinuxPlatform: Web browsers và ActiveX-based software.Type: Runtime system & browser extensionLicense: Free


Until 2021, it can play all added Flash videos.No vulnerabilities due lớn continuous update tư vấn.It is the only software that can play Flash Video on Web Sites. (It will no longer be used after 2021.)


As of 2021, the use of it has been discontinued.Websites with Flash videos open very slowly.With each new update, an installation file is downloaded to lớn the computer as if a new installation is being made. And after finding on the downloaded tệp tin, it is updated manually lượt thích installing.A separate thiết lập is required for each web browser.It is quite annoying that on computers that bởi vì not have an updated version, an update is required lớn open a page with Flash Content.
Adobe Flash Player

How to tải về Flash Player 64 Bit

You should know that Flash Player 64 Bit always keeps its software automatically updated by mặc định. However, there may be those who say “Adobe Flash Player is not opening” or “out of date”. In this case, it is time lớn make an update. Before doing this, you can check whether Flash Player is up to date. So how will this happen?

When you open Adobe’s Flash Player tải về page, if a Flash Video is playing on the page that opens, the lakiểm tra version of Flash Player is installed on your computer. In this case, updating is not required. If the version is old, you will see a warning text indicating whether the Flash Player is up to date or not on the page that opens. In this case, an update is required.

To get the update online, open Adobe’s official thiết lập page. In the text on the left side of the page, “Need Flash Player for a different computer?” Cliông chồng on the written link. In the window that opens, select the appropriate version of Windows added lớn the “Step 1” selection box. In the “Step 2” selection box below, select the browser to which you will install Flash Player & complete the installation with the downloaded tệp tin.

If you want to install for more than one web browser, you must select this process for each browser separately, tải về the files, và install separately for each. You can read in more detail how to update Adobe Flash Player for browsers in the text below.

How khổng lồ update Adobe Flash Player 2021

How to lớn tải về and update 64 bit Adobe Flash Player plug-ins for Web Browsers?

Web browsers must have sầu an Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed in order khổng lồ play websites that contain FLASH files. Adobe Flash Player is not a standalone software that is installed on all browsers with only one installation file. Various Flash Player plug-ins have sầu been developed for website browsers using different code components such as Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, Firefox và Chrome. Therefore, you should install the Flash Player version suitable for which website browser you are using. If you are using several web browsers, you need to lớn install a separate Flash Player plug-in for each. Choose which add-ons khổng lồ install for browsers from the section below.

When we want khổng lồ download a Flash Player for Google Chrome we just have khổng lồ open this browser & then visit Adobe’s official web page. When the page opens, Adobe automatically detects which website browser you are using & whether it is a Flash Player. It will automatically bring up the relevant link so that you can tải về the current version to lớn be installed. Since you open the page with Chrome or Opera, it allows you khổng lồ install the PPAPI component plugin that is suitable for these two website browsers. When you cliông xã the “Install now” button, the 33.2 MB Flash Player installation file is downloaded to your computer. However, this tệp tin also contains two security extensions named McAfee Security Scan and McAfee Safe Connect. If you vày not want lớn install these two plug-ins, you must deselect the boxes under the “Optional offers” heading in the tải về window. In this case, you can download Adobe Flash Player plug-in for Chrome for only 20MB & without any other software. It is the same with the Opera website browser.

Adobe Flash Player for Mozilla Firefox

Computer users using the Mozilla Firefox web browser must tải về a separate Adobe Flash Player plug-in lớn view websites with Flash Files on this browser. Developed with the NPAPI component, this extension cannot be installed on Chrome. A single download package cannot be installed on all browsers, as ADOBE offers the installable plug-in in separate versions for each browser. To install Flash Player on Firefox, you can quickly tải về it from ADOBE’s website page without having to tìm kiếm for a download link. However, if your operating system và web browser have sầu 64-Bit tư vấn, it would be useful to lớn download the 64-bit version of Flash Player developed for Firefox because software with 64-bit kernel is much safer than old 32-bit applications.

Once you install Flash Player, you cannot use it all year round without an update. Every month you open a trang web with a FLASH tệp tin on Firefox, your plug-in makes an update. This situation often goes unnoticed lớn you in the background. The update packages offered during the year are mostly made to fix security vulnerabilities on Firefox & your computer. However, the update package for the development of the software is made only once at the beginning of the year.

In order to lớn install Adobe Flash Player on Mozilla Firefox, double cliông chồng the installation tệp tin you downloaded và the installation is completed automatically. After installation, a window opens to kiểm tra Flash Player & you see that the plug-in is working. In the next step, if you want khổng lồ uninstall the Flash Player installed for Firefox from the computer, you can open the Control Panel và uninstall only the Firefox related installation. The installation of Flash Player you remove for Firefox will not affect other web browsers.

Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10

No matter the version of Windows 10 or 8 on your computer, you don’t need to update for the default website browser Microsoft Edge because it gets updates automatically. However, if the Flash Player update is off, then it is necessary to update manually after a certain time (about 1 month). The situation is the same for Opera, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. However, Flash Player may be disabled by mặc định in these three browsers. If this is the case, you must first activate the plugin and then update.

Manual Flash Player update in Windows 10 or 8 is done after downloading the installation file. To vày this, open Adobe’s page by clicking here. In the window that opens, leave sầu the optional offers boxes blank (because if the boxes are clicked, a McAfee antivirut plug-in will be installed on your website browser). When you cliông chồng the “Install now” button, the required file for installation is downloaded. After this step, you can complete the update by double-clicking the installation tệp tin with the mouse.

You can download the current versions of Adobe Flash Player software compatible with Windows 10/8 / 8.1 (32-64Bit & Ultimate) here. The installation file can be installed on any computer running Windows 8 or 10.

Adobe Flash Player for Windows 7

Downloading và updating Adobe Flash Player on Windows 7 & older versions is done in the same way. You need a thiết lập tệp tin to update. We get this by downloading it from Adobe’s trang web. Windows 7 users install over a 20MB file. Vista & XP.. users can bởi vì this with a smaller file kích cỡ. However, we both need an mạng internet connection.

Windows 7 users should tải về individual thiết lập files for Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. If you are using only one of these, it is sufficient khổng lồ download the installation file belonging to it. We need to lớn install Flash Player Windows 7 lớn be able khổng lồ play Flash files on the computer. You can easily tải về the appropriate thiết lập file from the link below.

configure adobe flash player

Flash Player Settings

The most important problem faced by users of Microsoft Edge, which is installed by default on a computer with Windows 10 operating system, is that Adobe Flash Player cannot be opened due to lớn ActiveX permissions. At this point, the only thing to lớn bởi for the solution is lớn open the Settings window of the Edge & allow ActiveX use. Usually the Browser will show you a warning message khổng lồ make this setting anyway. Still, if you did not see this warning or if you accidentally turned it off, you can cliông xã the “Internet Options” liên kết và browse the “Security” tab khổng lồ make this setting.

In this section, respectively;

1) Click the “Custom level” button và enable the “Run ActiveX controls & plug-ins” option in the pop-up window.

2) Select “Disable” in “Automatically ask for ActiveX controls” feature.

3) Enable the “Allow ActiveX filtering” option.

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4) Enable the “use safe ActiveX controls in scripting” option.

5) Select “Ask” in “Upload signed ActiveX controls” option.

6) Select “Disable” in “Install unsigned ActiveX controls” option.

When you make these settings correctly, you will no longer encounter ActiveX problem with Adobe Flash Player.

Lachạy thử Version of Flash Player

The lademo version of Adobe Flash Player is the “33” package released in 2021. The last security package of the 32nd version released in 2019 was completed in December và we are transitioning to the 33rd version in January 2021. FLASH PLAYER files inside all computers are modified lớn be valid throughout the year after this final version is installed. Flash Player 33 can be installed in two different ways, by downloading the online or offline cài đặt tệp tin. It is not necessary khổng lồ uninstall the 32 versions that were active before Adobe Flash Player 2021 is installed. The old files are completely removed during the installation phase & the new one is installed.

Why are we using the lachạy thử version of Flash Player

Every year, Adobe develops a new version for Flash Player, & keeps up-to-date by integrating the codes that adapt to the renewed digital infrastructure inkhổng lồ its own software. For this reason, the security of the software is constantly supported by making additional security updates every month for the newly released Flash Player.

Security packages are renewed every month to lớn prsự kiện infected đoạn Clip files from playing. ADOBE does this consistently to lớn remain the most reliable FLASH PLAYER protecting your personal information. For all these reasons, it is very important for you to lớn tải về & use the lachạy thử version of Adobe Flash Player.

How bởi I fix the Adobe Flash Player not working issue

If an Adobe Flash Player is installed on the computer but does not work, then we should run a thử nghiệm lớn understvà the problem because there are a few simple reasons for this.

Have sầu you installed the plug-in on your website browser

As you know, Flash Player is installed in website browsers as a plug-in. You must first make sure that a Flash Player plug-in is installed on the web browser you think is not working. Because for example; Flash Player plug-in installed in Firefox will not work on Chrome. In this case, you should vị a trial on whichever website browser it is installed on. Let’s vị the Flash Player thử nghiệm by following the steps below.

1) Let’s open the Flash Player official website page.

2) If the add-on is available, it is checked whether it is up to lớn date or not. If it is up to lớn date, you bởi vì not need lớn take any action. If it is not up-to-date, let’s tải về the cài đặt tệp tin of the latest version and update the plugin.

3) If you have sầu done the update and the FLASH nội dung on the website is opening, the problem will be resolved.

4) If it works on Adobe’s official website but not on another website, then we should kiểm tra if we have sầu blocked this trang web before. We can try two ways to lớn vì this.

First: We must completely delete all cookie and temporary tệp tin records in the web browser. In this way, the use of Flash Player on all websites is removed.

Cliông chồng the (CTRL + Shift + Delete) keys on the keyboard at the same time khổng lồ delete all cookies. In the “Clear history” window that opens, select all the boxes khổng lồ be completely deleted.

Second: You can only unblochồng the trang web where the plugin isn’t working. To bởi this, click the lock ibé on the left in the URL box in the browser. Clichồng the “Clear Cookies & Site Data …” button. Delete the trang web URLs in the window that opens.

After these steps, Adobe Flash Player will run smoothly.

Why is Adobe Flash Player is blocked

The most important reason why Adobe Flash Player is blocked is because you cliông chồng “No” on the PopUp messages made by yourself. Often times we see a PopUp window asking you to follow the websites themselves, & we refuse by clicking “No”. Since the PopUp window, in which Flash Player requests permission to play a đoạn phim, looks the same, we refuse this option by clicking the “No” button without reading the option in this window. In this case, we remove the authority lớn view Flash content on the trang web.

What is the solution to lớn the “Adobe Flash Player blocked” error?

Those who vày not know why Adobe Flash Player is blocked will not encounter this problem in the next process if they are more careful about this issue. To solve the problem, it will be sufficient lớn delete your web browser’s cookies or rephối all settings if this is not happening. In this way, the obstacle will be removed completely.

Why won’t Adobe Flash Player Install

If you encounter a problem when you try lớn install Adobe Flash Player on your computer và you cannot complete the installation, first of all you need khổng lồ vày is download a new installation file and try again. If the installation problem is still continuing, we should try to lớn install again by removing the existing Flash Player files on your computer.

How khổng lồ remove Adobe Flash Player from computer

To bởi this, open the Control Panel. Cliông chồng the “Add and Remove sầu Programs” link in the window. If you see an installed Flash Player inhỏ, try uninstalling it from your computer. If this icon is missing, then download the “Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller” file to make sure it is removed from the computer. By running this tệp tin, you ensure that Flash Player remnants are completely removed from the computer. The deletion is done automatically when you run the Uninstaller file. So when you try to lớn install Flash Player again, you will see that the installation problem has been resolved.