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GTA is a truly amazing game series with the resonance of many factors such as unique gameplay, engaging storyline, & top-notch graphics. It is not too exaggerating to say that GTA is the best game of the decade. Coming to lớn GTA, you can experience both good và dark stories hidden deep inside America.

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It can be said that GTA apk placed its first bricks in the first game parts, but the game only really brought an impression and attraction in part 3. Then after the success in part 3, Rockstars continue khổng lồ release a more wonderful game. That is GTA 4.

Up khổng lồ now, it can be said that GTA 4 is the best game in the entire GTA 5 Download. And more than that, GTA 4 apk is also rated as the best game of all time. Not only attractive sầu in terms of gameplay & graphics, but the game also has an impressive storyline. This storyline makes GTA 4 not just stop at an entertaining game, but it has reached a higher màn chơi of art.



The background & plot of the gameFunction keys

About GTA 4

GTA 4 in particular, and GTA in general, are all produced by Rockstar. Rockstar Games is a long-standing multinational Clip game developer and publisher. Founded in December 1998, up khổng lồ now, the company has been established for more than 20 years. And today, it is headquartered in Thủ đô New York City, và owned by Take-Two Interactive sầu.

Along with GTA, Rockstar has many other famous series. For example, the game series Red Dead Redemption, the series Midnight Club, Max Payne, … In addition to lớn the series, Rockstar also develops many games such as Beaterator, L.A. Noire, Bully, …

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The background và plot of the game

GTA 4 is phối in Liberty City và Alderney City. These are two fictional landmarks, modeled after two major US cities, New York City và Jersey City.

In the game, you will follow the protagonist Niko to lớn America. Here, the character will go through many events, & then the dark sides of America will gradually be exposed.

Our protagonist comes lớn America with a dream that many have secretly dreamed of. It is an “American dream” – a dream of freedom, equality, happiness, & wealth. Then, when we go to lớn the end of the game, we have sầu to lớn sit and reflect on the “American dream”, does it exist or not? Is it as pink as we often dream of? Or is it just an illusion, a thichồng curtain that conceals the corruption và filth of this society? Our protagonist is unfortunate to be caught up in the darkest spiral of society. Then he wants lớn get out, but he can’t.


Records & awards

As the first game in the series to lớn be highly rated for the seventh generation of consoles, GTA 4 has attracted the attention of gamers as soon as it was released. That is why GTA 4 apk easily and quickly broke many records of the game industry. In just 24 hours of release, the game was sold out with 3.6 million copies. This number reached 6 million copies in the first week và earned Rockstar more than 500 million dollars..

As of December 2011, the game has sold a total of 22 million copies and won an award for the game category of the year. By 2012, the number had sold up lớn 25 million copies. Therefore, the game received wide recognition as the best game of the current generation, & one of the best games of all time.

chơi Game in GTA 4

In GTA 4, you will in turn perform the tasks that the game sets. In the given games, the player will give sầu options for the main character. Also from these options, the game is divided into many different directions. The ending part of the game is also changed at your discretion.

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Function keys

Keys for movement

W, A, S, D: Move sầu up, left, down, right.

Space: jump

Shift: Run fast

F: Getting in / Getting in (train).

Ctrl: Hide.

C: Looking bachồng.

Other keys for control:

Roll the mouse over ↑: Use the phone.

← ↑ ↓ →: Navigate the phone menu.

Left-clichồng / Enter: Select.

Right-cliông chồng / Backspace: Cancel.

Del: Options on the phone.

Mouse Wheel / Space Roller: Special option.

Roll the mouse wheel up, down: Move.

Mouse wheel / E: Take a Selfie pholớn on the phone.

X: Change face emotion when taking Selfie photos.

F: Control the depth of field when using the phone camera.

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General setting keys

P: Stop (Pause).

Z: Zoom in và out on the Radar.

V: Change the Camera.

Caps Lock: Activate / Toggle abilities.

Alt: Select the character.

F5: Choose Michael’s character.

F6: Choose the character, Franklin.

F7: Choose the character, Trevor.

F8: Switched from single-player mode to lớn GTA Online.

M: Interactive menu (gait, mood, vehicle lochồng …).

F1: Start / End of recording.

F2: Start / Stop recording when playing again.

F3: Cancel recording.

E: kích hoạt setting.

F: Drop the car.

Scroll up và down: Select a weapon.

Tab: Next weapon.

<: Previous weapon.

C: Looking bachồng.

“.”: Turn on another radio channel.

“,”: Previous radio channel.

“=”: Change the article on the radio.

“-“: The previous article.

R: Move the camera.

Q: Tuning the radio.

L: Shoot slowly.

X: Bow khổng lồ dodge in the oto.

Scroll up and down: Accelerate / Decelerate leap.

Pg Up: Accelerate while performing the leap.

Pg Dn: Slow down while performing a leap.

Keys to control the parachute

A, W, S, D: Navigate the parachute left, up, down, right.

Left-click: Turn on the parachute.

F: Turn the parachute on or off.

Q: Turn left quickly.

E: Turn right quickly.

Shift: More precise parachute control.

X: Create smoke from behind when using a parachute.

Aircraft control keys

W: Accelerate.

S: Reduce the gas.

A / D: Move sầu left / right.

4: Turn left.

6: Turn right.

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8: Point the aircraft head down.

5: Point the plane’s head up.

Right-click: Shoot from the plane.

Space: Shoot from an airplane.

7: Aiming shot to the left.

9: Aiming shot to the right.

G: Eject / Hidden number.

E: Glide mode.

Ins: Change weapon rotation angle on aircraft.

Submarine control keys

W: Accelerate.

S: Decelerate.

A / D: Turn left / right.

4: Turn left.

6: Turn right.

8: Push the bow forward.

5: Push the bow of the ship backward.

Shift: Climb up the slope.

Ctrl: Downhill.

Other truyền thông control keys

W: Accelerate.

S: Brakes.

A / D: Turn left / Turn right.

Shift: Lean forward.

Ctrl: Leaning back.

Left-click: Shoot from inside the oto.

Right-click: Ayên from inside the vehicle.

H: Light.

Space: Hand brake.

E: Whistle.

Caps Lock: Press the brake urgently.

Q: Bicycle front brake.

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Weapon control keys

Tab: Turn on the weapon show wheel.

Scroll up, down: Change weapons before & after.

1: Do not use weapons.

2: Melee.

3: Hunting rifle.

4: Heavy weaponry.

5: Special weapon.

6: Pistol.

7: the submachine gun.

8: Rifle.

9: Sniper rifle.

Control keys when fighting

Right-click: Ayên ổn to shoot.

Q: Hide.

G: Grenade Throwing / Bomb Explosion.

R: Weak attacks at cđại bại range.

Q: Strong attack at close range.

Space: Dodge in melee battles.

Left-click: Shoot.

R: Reload.

E: Change accessories for weapons.

Mouse scroll up, down: Zoom in, zoom out of the field of view.

J: Zoom in on the sights.

<: Minimize the field of view.


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Small instructions or tips in the GTA

Once getting in the vehicle, the colored line on the radar is the shortest valid line. However, it is not always the fasthử nghiệm.

On the radar, the police will search in red and green areas. The police force will be indicated by dots.

You can find your way on the map, & the route is displayed on GPS.

A small inhỏ above sầu the radar shows the response of the mission in the form of a message.

The outer circle of the radar denotes your health và armor. The left half denotes blood flow, & the right half denotes armor.

You can safely store any car in the front parking lot. Park the car there & go out. The vehicle stays there until you use it.

Restore your health by visiting fast-food restaurants around the city.

If the blood flow stops, you will pass out temporarily, and be treated at your local hospital. So before you leave, it will cost you a fee lớn restore your health.

Clothing icons help you to lớn buy any outfit.

Besides, there are many other tips that you can refer to in the game.

The graphic design & sound of GTA 

In terms of graphic design, GTA 4 can make any hardcore người chơi satisfied. Not only has a realistic and detailed landscape simulation but GTA 4 also portrays the character very carefully. The most impressive thing in character design is the expressive part. They are made extremely realistic and greatly contribute to lớn the way to build the game plot. Therefore, the game’s visual art is evaluated as a high-end 3 chiều animated movie. Make sure that, from the very first second of the game, you will quickly be drawn to lớn the graphics.

As for the sound kiến thiết, GTA 4 apk has confirmed it is its own “cool”. The sound part of the GTA 4 game android is extremely impressive, different from GTA 3 download when most of the characters are mute. GTA 4 has an investment in voice acting that stretches from start to finish, with lines up khổng lồ thousands.

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GTA 4 creates great features, and they prove sầu the trophies and awards that the game wins are fully deserved. Download GTA 4 apk now to lớn experience.

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