Free Download Notepad++ Terbaru 2021 V8

Notepad++ Terbaru 8.1 Final adalah salah satu software terbaik yang dapat anda gunakan untuk mengedit source code dengan sangat mudah dan cepat juga dapat anda tải về dengan gratis tentunya di Anda para penggumãng cầu software craông xã ataupun sering bermain dengan source code, tentunya membutuhkan aplikamê mệt yang dapat anda gunakan untuk mengedit file tersebut.

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Jika anda menggunakan notepad biasa andomain authority tidak akan dapat mengedit source code file tersebut, oleh karena itu anda harus mendownload dan menginstal Notepad++ Terbaru agar andomain authority dapat mengedit source code file tersebut, misalnya hosts.tệp tin dan banyak lagi lainnya.

Notepad++ Terbaru merupakan versi mê terbaru dariNotepad++ dengan perbaikan beberapage authority bugs yang masih terdapat padomain authority versay đắm sebelumnya. Software ini mendukung banyak sekali bahasa pemrograman dan disertai dengan berbasợi macam fitur yang menarik, diantaranya yaitu memisahkan dan mengedit source code yang sudah jadi, syntax highlighting, mengedit banyak files sekaligus, dan masih banya lagi lainnya. Jadi tunggu apalagi, segera anda downloadNotepad++ Final ini sekarang juga dan edit source anda dengan mudah dan cepat.

What’s New in Notepad++ Terbaru :Fix regression of double clicking a found in files result while Word-Wrap is on.Fix HashFromDlg title bar localization issue.Add new languages support: ASN.1, AviSynth, Blitz Basic, Csound, Erlang, escript, Forth, FreeBASIC, LaTeX, MMIX, Nimrod, nnCron, OScript, PureBasic, Rebol, registry, Rust, SPICE, txt2tagsAdd “mở cửa file in its default viewer” commvà.Add “-quickPrint” command line argument: Launch Notepad++, print document và exit.Add /noUpdater argument for installer lớn not install updater (useful in silent mode).Add new installer argument /allowAppDataPluginsLoading.Roll baông xã lớn 1 “Find next” button in Find/Replace dialog, due khổng lồ the inconsistence after removal of direction option.Enhancement: empty fields “Replace with” và “Filters” of Find/Replace dialog are remembered in the next session.Fix text selection in bộ combo boxes of find/replace dialog problem on resizing.Fix the issue of passing non-exist folder via commvà line without any warning.Fix multi-line tab button remaining pushed issue while switching off.Fix TAB key wired behavior on find/replace dialog’s transparency radio button.Fix cliông xã on tab without hitting cthảm bại button but cthua trận file issue.Fix Notepad++ modifying command line arguments issue (command line arguments could be visualized by system tools).Fix tệp tin not dirty while its nội dung changed on the hard drive.Fix saved duplicated file in the same view issue.Fix “Folder as Workspace” toolbar button not activated after dropping thư mục issue.Some features ofNotepad++ TerbaruAbility khổng lồ open multiple files in one window & not Gọi them by opening the software againDisplay command-Syntax of programming languages, different colorAbility to view, edit multiple documents & text files simultaneouslySupport multiple languages including Farmê man Menu SoftwareRegular search & replace text featureAbility khổng lồ zoom in and zoom out on the textSupport for Programming LanguagesSupports the ability khổng lồ BookmarkHaving a WYSIWYG editor.Macro Recording and RunningCompatibility with a variety of windowsLow volume applicationFix JavaScript bloông chồng not recognized in HTML document.Fix Hanging on exit of Notepad++ issue (update DSpellChechồng for its instability issue).Add “Google Search” commvà in the context thực đơn.

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