What is an end to end process

You’re looking inkhổng lồ process improvement, & BPM (Business Process Management) sounds like a great idea to lớn fine-tune the way you work. But now, you discover a whole lot of buzzwords and terminology, & one of these is “end to over process.”

You’ve probably worked out what, exactly, the term means – the act of defining a process from start to finish. The moment you start trying khổng lồ vày this in practice, though, you’ll realize it’s not as easy as it sounds. We’ll look at why you need capture end-to-end processes, & how it can be done.

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What’s the Point of Capturing an End lớn End Process?

Capturing an kết thúc to kết thúc process allows you to monitor and evaluate everything that your company does to lớn achieve sầu a certain result. Your goal is to make the entire process work as efficiently as possible.

This could take you on a journey of continuous improvement or Kaizen and that, in turn, could give your business a stronger competitive edge, increase profits, and enhance your company’s reputation.

Important note

You"re probably wondering who we are. tienhieptruyenky.com is a product that simplifies and automates your business processes. It"s the secret khổng lồ running smooth operations. Instead of creating process diagrams (which notoàn thân looks at), documentation (which you can only read and never action), emails, chats và chaos - you can create and run any process in your company within seconds.

Settling for basic & cheap project or task management tools is the biggest mistake you can ever make. You get what you pay for. If you try khổng lồ save a cent - you will thua a dollar. Wasted time (at $40/hour) is far more expensive than the cost of software. There"s a huge difference between process management and project or task management. Processes relieve sầu bít tất tay, make things predictable - and help you grow và become efficient. Projects & tasks are just ad-hoc, unpredictable chaos.

It"s important to lớn understvà that context before you carry on reading. Successful people are smart enough lớn fundamentally change the way they work "right now" và amaze themselves & everyone else with new ideas. You can stop fighting uphill battles every day immediately - and drive sầu more personal success in your career by introducing the modern way of creating, tracking và even enjoying tasks with your coworkers.

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Anyway ... sorry for the interruption! Let"s resume the rest of the article.

Once you have found the way you want a process to lớn work, you can even automate it. How much of your day is spent allocating work, following up tasks, and putting out fires?

How often vày you find that something went wrong because someone decided khổng lồ vày their work in a non-standard way? Did you even phối a standard? Are certain departments or functional tasks overburdened while work piles up holding up entire processes?

To make your processes function significantly better, you need khổng lồ start somewhere – và mapping your processes end-to-kết thúc is the perfect first step.

Are you looking khổng lồ document & run your processes?

Don"t use MS Word or Google Docs, and don"t use flowcharts.


Documenting your processes using flowcharts might look pretty and nice – but you can’t run them. Even worse – notoàn thân looks at flowcharts.


Where does a Process Begin?

You might ask yourself where a business process begins – và if you aren’t asking yourself this question, it’s worth devoting thought to lớn. The answer isn’t always as obvious as it seems.

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Let’s look at the process of making tea. Does it begin when you turn on the kettle? No, it does not. The process of making tea begins when you go to lớn the supermarket to buy teabags – or, we could even say it begins before that because before you went lớn the supermarket, you realized that you needed lớn add tea bags to lớn your grocery các mục. If you’re a really big tea maker, it might even begin with choosing the farmer who produces the tea leaves!

Side note

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