How to say 'excuse me' in vietnamese

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How to lớn say excuse me in Vietnamese: Xin Lổi

Learning Vietnamese for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say excuse me in Vietnamese: Xin LổiSay it out loud: “Sin Loy

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Some more helpful words in our Vietnamese Courtesy/Questions category:

...the bathroom – Nhà Tắm (Nya Tahm)come with me – Đi Với Tôi (Di Vuhy Toy)do you speak english? – quý khách hàng Có Nói Tiếng Anh Không? (Ban Caw Noi Tien Anh Khom?)excellent – Tuyệt Vời (Dweeit Vuhy)excuse me – Xin Lổi (Sin Loy)good / bad – Tốt / Xấu (Tow / Sao)how vì you say…? – quý khách Nói Như Thế Nào … (Ban Noy New Te Now)how much is this? – Bao Nhiêu? (Bao Nyoo)may I? (point at chair, door) – Tôi Có Thể...? (Toy Caw Te…?)maybe – Có Thể (Caw Te)no problem – Không Vấn Đề Gì (Khom Vuhn De Yee)please – Làm Ơn (Lam Uhn)sorry – Xin Lỗi (Sin Loy)thank you – Cảm Ơn (Kam Uhn)what is that? – Cái Gì Vậy? (Kay Yee Vuhy)where is… – ...Ở Đâu? (...Uh Dow?)yes / no – Có / Không (Caw / Kom)you are welcome – Không Có Chi (Khom Caw Chee)

And here’s how khổng lồ say excuse me in other languages!

Arabic–Uzran (uz ran)Chinese–Dǎrǎo Yīxià (Da Rao Ee Shya)Croatian–oprostite (oh pro stee tay)Czech–promiňte (pro MYEEN tay)Finnish–anteekyêu thích (an teh ex ih)French–Excusez moi (excuse eh mwah)German–entschuldigen sie (ent shool" duh gene zee)Italian–scumê mẩn (skoo zee)Japanese–Sumimasen (Soo Mee Mah Senn)Korean–Sillyehapnidomain authority. (Shil Le Ham Ni Da.

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)Polish–przepraszam (pshe pra" sham)Portuguese–Desculpe (jeh scoo pee)Russian–prostite (prah stee tye)Spanish–perdón (pear dōn)Swahili–kumradhi (koom rah dhee)Thai–Kho Thot (kaw TOAT)Turkish–afedersiniz (ah feh dar sinz)Vietnamese–Xin Lổi (Sin Loy)

In every culture, courtesy gets you a long way. There is no faster way to lớn get yourself ignored and ultimately hopelessly lost than not knowing how to approach a native sầu in a polite manner. Fortunately, the phrase "excuse me" (Xin Lổi) cuts across all cultures as a form of politeness & getting attention. Once you learn this in Vietnamese & work towards learning it in the language of the country you wish to lớn visit, you are halfway towards getting all the help you will need.

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