Get (something) off the ground synonyms with definition

Make a start, get underway, as in Because of legal difficulties, the construction project never got off the ground. This expression, alluding lớn flight, dates from the mid-1900s. The similar-sounding get off to a flying start, meaning “make a successful start,” alludes not khổng lồ flight but to lớn a quiông xã start in a race, a usage from the late 1800s. For example, He"s off to a flying start with his dissertation.

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get off one's tail, get off on the wrong foot, get off scot-không tính phí, get off someone's baông chồng, get off the dime, get off the ground, get off the hook, get on, get one down, get one's, get one's act together

The phrase get off the ground means lớn begin or get started, especially after some kind of delay or obstacle, as in The football season finally managed khổng lồ get off the ground after numerous delays. 

The thing that is starting (or not) can also be placed within the phrase, as in The team wasn’t even able to get the project off the ground due to laông xã of funding. 

The phrase is often used when something has struggled to lớn get started or failed lớn start.

Example: The mysterious donor managed to provide the money the artists needed to get their art show off the ground.

The first records of get off the ground come from the mid-1900s. The expression is a reference lớn an airplane taking flight—a flight doesn’t actually begin until a plane actually gets off the ground.

The phrase get off the ground is often used in the context of projects, events, or other ambitious plans. It is especially used in situations involving obstacles or a difficult start, implying that it took effort to get something going. Get off the ground is also used in the negative in situations in which something was prevented from starting for some reason, such as opposition, struggle, or incompetence, as in Unfortunately, the new magazine never got off the ground due to laông chồng of interest from advertisers.

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What are some synonyms for get off the ground?

What are some words that giới thiệu a root or word element with get off the ground

What are some words that often get used in discussing get off the ground?

Get off the ground is typically used in the nội dung of something that is just beginning or getting started, especially if it faced problems.

Huge congratulations for getting this off the ground…& for making it so beautiful modern và inviting. There's no greater pleasure than enjoying hours browsing in a bookshop. Hope this inspires many other Somalis – wherever they are in the region

— Rageh Omaar (
ragehomaar) November 17, 2020

A few years ago, my film producer và I were really lucky to get funding for me to lớn write my first ever feature film, a pet project I've been trying lớn get off the ground for years.

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— Nikesh Shukla (
nikeshshukla) December 27, 2019

As I was having head shots taken this morning, it occurs to me how lucky I am lớn have this job, because honestly, my modelling career was never going khổng lồ get off the ground…

— Kate Buckley (

Is get off the ground used correctly in the following sentence?

The festival was cancelled because the organizers never managed lớn get it off the ground.