Has anyone taken the samsung gsat (global aptitude test) for foreigners : korea

Samsung had a recruitment for foreigners living in Korea in the fall of 2019 & I applied. After passing the document screening, I was given the opportunity to take the Global Samsung Aptitude Test (GSAT) in English. In this blog post, I will chia sẻ my experience from the beginning to lớn end as well as how to lớn prepare for the GSAT.

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Applications are done through their website either on the regular page for Koreans, or the global one for foreigners. After you pass, they skết thúc you an email asking you lớn kiểm tra the details of your chạy thử date, location & other information on their trang web. Upon confirmation, you may start to lớn prepare for the demo. One thing that I was really unsure about was the entire process of the exam as well as what was to be expected when taking the exam. Here are some things about my experience that I can nội dung with you.
Upon logging inlớn their website and checking your details, you"ll see that they provide you with a slip with a QR code, your name, details of your demo venue & the time, etc. You will have sầu khổng lồ print this out, sign it & bring it along with a computer pen (markets designated for exam use), correction tape, và your identification card. Although these were the only things mentioned, I saw that other people were allowed to bring in water bottles, pencils, pens, và erasers so I guess they"re not too strict as to lớn what else was allowed.

One thing that is definitely not allowed though: electronics. There will be no calculators, electronic watches or similar items allowed during the exam.
On the day itself, I took the train since it"s mentioned in the instructions that no parking space will be provided so it"s better khổng lồ be taking public transportation. Upon arrival, I saw people in suits standing next to lớn signboards with the words "Global Samsung Aptitude Test" và an arrow pointing toward the direction participants should be heading towards.

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I followed the signboards (even though I knew the way) and arrived at the school where I would be taking the exam. More people in suits were here & they greeted me as I made my way lớn my thử nghiệm location on the 4th floor.




I was not able khổng lồ take more photos around the classroom and especially not of the notices & the seating arrangement. So I sat quietly in my chair và snuông chồng a photo of the proctor as well as how a high school classroom looks like in Korea. Although the exam was stipulated to lớn be from 9am ~ 11:30am, we were asked khổng lồ arrive và be seated before 9am.
Truth be told, it did not start exactly at 9am. While waiting, classical music was played throughout the entire time which honestly made me more nervous than I already was. Instructions were given out through the PA system from 9am all the way through 9:50am where proctors would check our identification, have sầu us write on the answer sheet & thereafter double-check our identification with our answer sheet. At roughly 9:45am, we were given the question booklet and were told lớn begin at 9:50.
On to lớn preparing for the examination. Let me break it down for you. There are a total of 3 different sections in the exam.