Have an impact for

Here, world politics is the context in which impact is made. This distinction with the previous sentence is more evident by rewording the sentence as

In world politics, the president has an impact.

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& noting that the object of impact is unspecified.

In the OP"s examples, because there is no phrase indicating that system behavior is being used as context or scope, the native tienhieptruyenky.com speaker would assume it lớn be an object và use "on".

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answered Aug 3 "12 at 15:52

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You"re right. "On" is the more usual preposition used with the noun "impact."

At least one dictionary though lists an example with the preposition "in":

She"s an excellent athlete who"s already making a real impact in world competition.

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I"d say the preposition "in" is especially used to lớn refer khổng lồ fields, areas, etc. in which the effect occurs.

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answered Aug 3 "12 at 13:53

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