Help somebody (to) do

as the title says, which one is correct. I"ve learned the latter one, elp somebody to vì chưng something in my middleschool, but I read help sometoàn thân do something a lot size website? I am confused? could anybody toàn thân tell me the correct experssion! Thanks a lot!

The use of something is always problematic as a philosophical question.

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For instance khổng lồ say in chinese

ta zai gan shenme

transforms, isnt it, ta in shenme

wo shi shenme

i input đầu vào 2 words incorrectly. the right one is as follow:as the title says, help sb do sth or help sb khổng lồ vì chưng sth,which one is correct. I"ve sầu learned the latter one, help sometoàn thân lớn bởi something in my middleschool, but I read help somebody toàn thân bởi something a lot from website? I am confused? could anybody tell me the correct experssion! Thanks a lot!

They are both used và correct.

"to" marks the verb "do".Example: I tried lớn get my friend "lớn go" with me but she wouldn"t.

Ocean(1188 posts) •May 12, 2013, 8:32am 0
xiashengli. Interchangeable. I suspect Americans drop the "to" more often than Brits but, these days, who knows? Or cares?

Both are colloquially correct for American English, however:

"help sb bởi something" is more action/immediate/commvà oriented, while

"help sb TO vày stg" is somewhat more passive sầu, less aggressive sầu, less participatory.

Example - substitute "wash her hair" as the stg.

"I"m helping her wash her hair" implies a direct participatory action (hands in the hair) that is occurring presently, while

"I"m helping her khổng lồ wash her hair" implies a less direct, less participatory, slightly more aloof role (example - holding a towel or shampoo bottle for use, nearby).

The difference is quite subtle, barely perceptible.

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Gompo(152 posts) •May 12, 2013, 10:01am 0

What i was questioning is when in grammar a person becomes an object.

In french we would say

Que fait-il ? Que dit-il ?


Il fait quoi ? Il dit quoi ?

might b used in colloquial ways.

In chinese i find there is often confusion between subject & object.

For instance,

Ni đưa ra le shenme

and not

Nin đưa ra le shei

Here, isnt it?, animals are turned inkhổng lồ object, dead products và not personalities or souls.

In the same way, the unbearable question or action, for mi

Ta zai gan shenme

seems lớn transsize ta, subject, in an object, shenme

This question seems start at young age then become a fixation if not obsession. One might aware that it can turn in pathology, for instance when a familly or society keeps on watching its members.

Anyone aware of the grammatical use of shei/shenme in "chinese" litterature ?

Stathis(25 posts) •May 12, 2013, 9:43pm 0

Both are okay. But it seems the "help sb bởi vì sth" is more common, at least according what I have sầu seen in reading.

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