What does hmu mean?

Hmu is an abbreviation for the phrase “hit me up.” It’s a request for social invitation, often posted online khổng lồ announce that you’re looking for something lớn vì và to lớn encourage others to lớn reach out to lớn you. In a one-on-one exchange, it’s an invitation for continued tương tác, meaning “text me” or “call me” or simply “let’s talk again.”

Hmu can also stand for “hook me up,” which is typically a request to lớn be connected with someone or something in which you have interest.

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Finally, hmu can stand for “hold my unicorn,” an internet meme that originated as a joke about the various possibilities of what hmu could st& for.

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“All dressed up with no where lớn go
#noplans #hmu #findmeontinder”
“Other meanings for “HMU” :- Hot man underpants- Hot musty underarms- Hug my uterus- Hold my unicorn- Hefty male urethra- Horrible maroon urine- Hump my umbrella- Hide my unicorn- Hannah Montana’s uranium- Hire moms urinal- Hold my underboob- Hot messy underwearOr for the lovely people who add extra letters ‘Hmmmuu’ Ha my mom made under-cooked uterus.And just in case you make a typo ‘hmuc’ Hold my umbilical cord”

Hmu is often expressed over text messaging or online, và can be either a request, e.g., “Will you hmu if something happens?” or a dem&, e.g., “Hmu if anything is going on.” As a common abbreviation, it’s considered casual, and can appear in contexts lượt thích romance, friendship, or after a successful meeting online.

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As a meme, “hold my unicorn” is flexible và can be used either in a response or as a single post as a playful jab at the increasingly comtháng use of abbreviations in language.

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