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I observe that people from America greet by asking, "Hi, how is it going?". What is the proper response khổng lồ this greeting?



From the sounds of it, you"re doing fine. Typical responses would include:


The "Thank You" may be appended khổng lồ your response; its use is intended khổng lồ thank the person for asking the question (good manners, etc.).

In general, respond with the same, if there is time. Sometimes the question is simply a formality with little lớn no expectation of a response (as in passing another person on the street with whom you have no relationship), but otherwise the expectation is lớn return the question, even though there is a high probablity the response will be positive (e.g., Good, Fine, etc.).

Rarely does one respond or hear the response of "bad" because, unfortunately, the question being asked isn"t really what the other person is interested in. It"s a culturally accepted thing to vị, but it really doesn"t amount khổng lồ much more than a "Hi" and "Bye".

Variations on the theme include:

How are you?How are you doing?

with similar responses (though "well" will often replace "good").

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answered Jun 16 "11 at 5:48

Kerri ShottsKerri Shotts
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Technically, "going good" is incorrect grammar; you should use "going well", so "It is going well" is the proper response.

Shorter forms:

"Very well, thanks""Fine, và you?"
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answered Jun 16 "11 at 15:04

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You are right, that is very comtháng here. The "proper" answer is Fine. or Just fine, thank you.

It is not meant literally, và the questioner usually does not want lớn hear about whatever may be actually troubling you if you are not feeling "fine".

Even knowing this, greetings like this rather annoy me. I don"t lượt thích lying if I"m not fine (even though you are supposed to) và answering them honestly requires more self-reflection than I should really have to lớn go through on the spur of the moment just because I bumped inkhổng lồ a casual acquaintance. So, even though it isn"t proper etiquette, I like khổng lồ turn it back around on the questioner và make them have sầu lớn think.

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To that kết thúc, I like to lớn use these responses:

Not bad, but the day is young! (used in the morning)Ehh...could be worse. (If I"m alive sầu to lớn be talking, this is true).Ehh..been worse. (same).Not bad. You? (counter-move)

The last is a personal favorite, because it turns the question completely bachồng to the questioner. At least half the time they don"t even notice and don"t think to lớn answer.