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Applies to: Volume licensed versions of Office 2019 & Office năm nhâm thìn, including Project & Visio

Multiple Activation Key (MAK) activation is used for one-time activation through activation services, either via the internet or by telephone. MAK activation requires that a MAK is installed on a client computer và instructs that computer lớn activate itself against those services.

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Each MAK has a predetermined number of allowed activations và is based on your volume licensing agreement. Each Office activation that uses MAK counts toward the activation limit. After Office is activated, no re-activation is required unless the hardware changes significantly.

There are two ways khổng lồ activate computers by using MAK:

MAK independent activation requires that each computer independently connect & be activated with, either over the internet or by telephone. MAK independent activation is best for computers that have direct access khổng lồ the internet.

Activate Office 2019 by using MAK

If you"re using MAK lớn activate volume licensed versions of Office 2019, you specify the key in the configuration.xml tệp tin used by the Office Deployment Tool when you deploy Office 2019 to the users in your organization. For more information, see Deploy Office 2019 (for IT Pros).

Activate Office năm nhâm thìn by using MAK

If you"re using MAK lớn activate volume licensed versions of Office năm nhâm thìn, you can enter the key by using one of the following supported methods:

Configure MAK activation in the Office Customization Tool (OCT)

To enter a MAK key by using the Office Customization Tool (OCT), follow these steps:

In the OCT, go to lớn the Licensing & user interface page.

Select Enter another product key, & then in the Product key field, enter the multiple activation key (five sets of five sầu numbers or characters).

After making any other necessary changes in the OCT, save sầu the .msp file in the Updates thư mục.

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Configure MAK activation in the Config.xml file

To enter a multiple activation key by using the Config.xml file, follow these steps:

Add the following line khổng lồ the Config.xml file:

Replace AAAAABBBBBCCCCCDDDDDEEEEE with your 25-character product key.

To apply the settings in Config.xml, at a commvà prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:

Setup.exe /config

Change the key by using the sản phẩm UI

To change the Office 2016 hàng hóa key on only one computer:

mở cửa an Office năm 2016 application, such as Word.Go khổng lồ File > Account.Choose Change Product Key & enter the hàng hóa key.

If you need lớn change the Office 2016 product key on multiple computers after Office is installed, we recommend that you use Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) 3.1. For more information, see Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) Technical Reference.

Enable a non-admin user khổng lồ activate an Office by using MAK

An administrator can create a registry key that allows a standard user (that is, a user who isn"t an administrator) lớn activate Office năm nhâm thìn by using MAK. By mặc định, volume licensed versions of Office năm 2016 disable this behavior.

This can be used if you want a user to manually activate Office by using MAK, replace an existing key with a new key, or switch from KMS lớn MAK activation.

To enable this behavior, add the following line to the Config.xml file:

Or, you can phối the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE ienhieptruyenky.comOfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatkhung registry key lớn enable or disable standard user activation

To enable, phối "UserOperations"=dword:00000001To disable, mix "UserOperations"=dword:00000000


For more information about the Config.xml tệp tin, see Config.xml file reference. (Even though this article is for an earlier version of Office, the information also applies lớn Office năm 2016.)

Deploying multiple MAK keys

In some organizations, different groups have sầu different MAK keys for their volume licensed versions of Office, Project, or Visio. Unfortunately, you can"t include multiple MAK keys in the same configuration.xml file (for 2019 versions) or in the Office Customization Tool or config.xml file (for năm nhâm thìn versions).

If you don"t want lớn create separate XML files for each group, you could use one of these other methods: