Issue: User gets the following error when trying to launch Voyant, "Failed lớn validate certificate. The application will not be executed.

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Thiserror reoccurs, with each repeated attempt lớn install the software, and the user is left unable khổng lồ complete the installation.

NB:We have found, in some instances, that this error is the result of anincorrect date/time setting, on the machine itself - when the current date/time on the machine is significantly incorrect, the software will be unable toconfirm thatthe user has avalid, current license.Consequently, therefore, the first thing we recommkết thúc is khổng lồ double-kiểm tra that the date/time setting, on the machine,iscorrect.

Cause: Voyant only requires that Java 6 Update 14 or later; however, ideally, users should be running the lakiểm tra release of Java available fromhttp://java.com.

This error has appeared when users were running older releases of Java - e.g.JRE 1.6.0_18.Although compatible with our software, the release of Java was itself the issue. The issue was with the version of Java và its handling of certificates in general (not our application). However, the error has appeared with some more recent releases of Java e.g.

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Java 8 Update 77.


We have sầu two different, possible solutions for this issue - we recommend trying the first option,a simple Java settings change, before trying the second, which involves uninstalling and reinstalling Java:

Option 1: To correct this on a PC: 1. xuất hiện the Java Control Panel: Start > Control Panel > Programs > Java 2. Go khổng lồ the Advanced tab > Security > General 3.UNCHECK the option: "Enable online certificate validation" 4. CHECK the option: "Enable các mục of trusted publishers" To correct this on a MAC: 1.Go khổng lồ /Applications/Utilities/Java Preferences 2.Go to the Advanced tab > Security section 3.UNCHECK the option: "Enable online certificate validation" 4.CHECK the option: "Enable các mục of trusted publishers" The next time you launch Voyant Java may prompt you with "certification failed the validation" message & give you the option to trust it anyway. Select the option to lớn indicate that you trust it, and it should be fine from then on.

Option 2:

Uninstall Java (the JRE) & install the lademo release fromhttp://java.comlớn resolve the issue.

Unfortunately, simply updating to lớn the lakiểm tra release of Java does not resolve sầu matters, in our past experience at least, since the older release would remain on the computer. Java updates bởi not necessarily replace earlier installations. A full deinstallation of Java is required.

Once Java has been uninstalled và the lachạy thử version installed, tải về Voyant by signing inlớn the appropriate website and clicking the Adviser button.


Canada- canada.tienhieptruyenky.com.com


Ireland- www.tienhieptruyenky.com.ie


United Kingdom- www.tienhieptruyenky.com.teo.uk


United States- www.tienhieptruyenky.com.com

There is no need khổng lồ be concerned about losing your personal settings for Voyant e.g. market assumptions, Model portfolgame ios, other preferences). Even when uninstalling Java, your personal settings will remain in place và will not be lost because they are not stored in Java; rather they are stored locally in your user profile.