Most of the usage of "matter-of-factly" that I"ve seen is lớn describe a manner of speaking - "He said, matter of factly,...", etc.

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A friend brought up the following usage, which seems wrong, but I can"t pinpoint exactly what is wrong. "Matter of factly, I don"t know. I know from my dad"s experience."

What"s the view on this?

Couple of points:

The adjective form "As a matter of fact, I don"t know. ..." seems correct.Similar usage of literally works: "I literally don"t know." or "Literally, I don"t know"


I have seen usage of ''matter of factly '' in a lot of Danielle Steel's novels. –user89687 Aug 28 "14 at 21:13
The issue with the second usage is that "matter-of-factly" means "in a matter-of-fact style"; it is not synonymous with "as a matter of fact". "As a matter of fact" is by itself already an adverbial phrase (meaning "actually"); tacking an additional -ly on the over to lớn re-adverbialize it can"t be right.

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I"d be more inclined to express your friends" apparent intended meaning as "I don"t know personally" or "I don"t know directly".

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I"ve sầu never heard it, & BYU"s COCA has but one example of it (và q.v., as I"m not sure even it"s in this sense). So, short answer, maybe it"s an up-and-coming usage or maybe it"s a one-off your frikết thúc heard, but in any sự kiện don"t put it in your written work — yet.


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