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I've been trying to lớn unravel some info for a HoMM VIII potential project for quite some time, but have sầu had next to no result as Ubisoft hasn't said anything.Quý Khách đã xem: Might và magic viii: day of the destroyer

With their upcoming E3 conference in June what vị you think they'll announce? Could HoMM VIII be in production? Planned? ... Anything?


Yes. There will be no more M&M PC games.

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https://www.acidcave sầu.net/q&a_with_erwan_le_breton_for_acid_caves_15th_anniversary.html

The comments from the interviewee are quite passive sầu & conservative sầu, but I vì chưng not see a total decline for the franchise - quite the opposite - "due lớn the high interest in Asia-Paficic" ....Why did you come khổng lồ thins conclusion, dear sir?

Honestly it is probably dead or will be defiled by Mobile games. We have sầu a wonderfull word for that in my native sầu tongue: "Leichenfledderei".

The Mobile games doing well is literally the only strand of hope for heroes VIII. Id say the odds for it being currently in development are cchiến bại to lớn zero, but they might rise if the Mobile games continue making bank.

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I do not seeing them announcing anything of significance. In fact I would probably bet money that we vày not see an announcement in the next five sầu years. Heroes VII fumbled, way harder than it should have sầu in my opinion.

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What native tongue might that be, if I might ask?

Hm... Sounds sad to hear it from someone else, but it kinda feels like you are right & I don't lượt thích that one bit. I do not underst& the reluctance to invest in another HoMM installment where so much costs can be literally saved in terms of game art development, lore, story, etc.... They have sầu a huge database with V, VI & VII - this is what baffles me, honestly.

I absolutely agree khổng lồ your potential strategy with making a connection between the sản phẩm & publisher (de faclớn Uplay). Why are you so certain it would be loss-leading, though?

Yeah, You & me both on that position. I blame it mainly on the crap communication between Ubi and Limbic and the terrible rushed state of the game. If it had more polish và post-launch support VII was going khổng lồ be the get go for people to lớn meet instead of V & it would've been III & VII... I really vị not understvà why Ubisoft can be so stingy with basic product lifecycle operations when it's having a shitload of financial resources - honestly...