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tienhieptruyenky.com Office năm 2016 is the next version of tienhieptruyenky.com"s productivity suite which includes new versions of tienhieptruyenky.com Word (word processing), tienhieptruyenky.com Excel (spreadsheet), tienhieptruyenky.com PowerPoint (presentation graphics), Outlook (Personal Information Manager), Onechú ý (lưu ý taking), Access (Database Management System),quảng cáo trên internet (Desktop Publishing) and Skype (Realtime Communications).

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When will tienhieptruyenky.com launch Office năm 2016 final version?

tienhieptruyenky.com promised lớn launch Office năm 2016 in the fall of năm ngoái.

Where can I tải về the Office 2016 Preview?


Where can I download Project 2016 Preview và Visio năm 2016 Preview?

Download links

Project 32 bit (Recommended)

Project 64 bit

Visio 32 bit (Recommended)

Visio 64 bit

Where can I find the hàng hóa key to activate Office năm nhâm thìn, Project 2016 and Visio 2016?

Office 2016:


Project 2016:


Visio 2016:


What are the system requirements?

Office 2016 uses the same requirements as Office 2013. The suite works on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 và Windows 10 PCs.

What are my options if I need to lớn thử nghiệm multiple versions of Office?

You could try setting up a virtual machine:

How to: install the lachạy thử Windows 10 Build in Oracle VirtualBox

Why can I not vày a side by side installation with older versions of Office?

Office năm 2016 uses a Click-to-Run installer which does not provide the option of customizing the cài đặt experience.

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Can the Office 2016 PĐánh Giá work side by side with Office cảm ứng for Windows?

Yes, both will work together just fine.

Word năm 2016 and Word cảm ứng Preview

Will there be offline ISO or MSI installers?

tienhieptruyenky.com has not provided any furtherinformation regarding how Office 2016 will be distributed.

What is the build number of Office năm 2016 available for download?


tienhieptruyenky.com has promised to deliver regular updates to Office 2016 preview, how will I tải về them?

Launch any of the Office 2016 modules (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc). Cliông chồng File > Accounts > Office Updates > Update Now


How can I tell if Office năm nhâm thìn has successfully installed?

Cliông xã File > Account > clichồng in the danh mục box under Office Themes & select Colorful:


xuất hiện other office apps & see if the apps use the respective sầu colors:


What happened lớn tienhieptruyenky.com Lync?

Lync has evolved inlớn Skype for Business.

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What happened lớn tienhieptruyenky.com InfoPath?

Development of tienhieptruyenky.com InfoPath has discontinued. Some of its functionality has been migrated to lớn SharePoint Server. Learn more:

What are some of the new features in Office 2016?

Tell Me - for quickly finding commands & functions in Office 2016 applications such as Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

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