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The consequence of the continued lachồng of voice and action by individuals và brands sees continued inechất lượng và lachồng of acceptance. They manifest in racism, homophobia & bullying causing mental health issues, violence and ostracisation. Prejudices result in low self-esteem, self-belief, body toàn thân image issues & the inability for us khổng lồ love sầu and accept who we are. 

To unloông chồng the internal power of self-confidence, we must first love sầu & accept the uniqueness in ourselves so we can embrace the individualism of all of those around us. 

The None of Your Business Movement gives our collective sầu voices the confidence to lớn own our uniqueness & stvà up for who we are. Our strengths lie in our differences, not in our similarities. 

To change our world our words are important, but our actions are essential. 

Your Bare Minimum

It’s not acceptable for anyone lớn remain silent lớn the world’s important social issues. ED&I are non-negotiable.

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Participate in the Challenge sharing it on your socials;Tag 3 people và challenge them lớn do the bare minimum.


We voice this message through:

The Challenge

encourages people to celebrate their uniqueness và showcase it lớn the world.Free entry Music FestivalsIn Schools – motivational programsIn Boardrooms – breakfasts for the corporate world





Show the world how passionate you are about supporting equality, diversity & inclusion. Get creative sầu, showcase you, flaunt your uniqueness, promote your diversity by joining the Challenge và your đoạn phim might find its way inkhổng lồ the upcoming NOYB music đoạn Clip.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Post your video clip on Instagram Reels and/or TikTok2. Use the sound “None of Your Business – Edens Back”3. Hashtag 



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The NOYB movementWorld Tour

Next stop...ZIMBABWE!

In September 2021 None of Your Business is heading to lớn Zimbabwe to lớn spread the message of self-acceptance through the power of music.

Inspiring the young: The Movement will visit schools giới thiệu the importance of standing out, not trying lớn fit in và the power of self-belief.

Motivating businesses: The Movement will host corporate events with Zimbabwe’s business leaders to giới thiệu and educate the important role businesses play in supporting eunique, diversity và inclusion in the workplace and for their consumers.

NOYB founder, Edens Bachồng will persize with Zimbabwe’s most influential talent, including Zex Manatsa together with aspiring local music artists. 

Find out more

It"s ok to be you!

We know at times, that life can be tough.

If you are struggling & would like to speak khổng lồ someone, please Điện thoại tư vấn our trusted friends

Samaritans in the UK on 116 123 – 24 hours every day.

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We also support our friends at these vital organisations:

A note from our Founder.

Hello amazing humans,

I started the NOYB Movement because I’ve always been someone who has never quite fitted or conformed.

I grew up as a very extroverted little girl who whole heartedly believed she would be Batman when she grew up – not Batgirl…Batman! 

I’m beyond crazy, I’m loud, I have skin issues, I make weird faces when I sing & I’m a horrible dancer.

I lost this little girls’ “I don’t care what you think” attitude when I joined the music industry & I found myself focusing on the 0.1% of the comments that were negative sầu. I was being driven mentally mad, feeling influenced by total strangers until I found strength lớn take baông chồng my power.

You see, no-one should ever be made to lớn feel uncomfortable in their own skin. I decided that my life choices were no longer up for debate and it’s none of your business how I act or what I vì chưng. Seriously, it’s a great bloody feeling. And what better way khổng lồ get out your emotions than lớn chant it in a song.

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Inclusion & acceptance in our world are non-negotiable. The world is begging for a new era of acceptance. I challenge you to join me, in bringing it lớn life. 


All of Edens Back’s proceeds from the NOYB traông xã are being donated back inkhổng lồ spreading this message of empowerment.