On the right track cubicle curtains

The quiet, hookless curtain & trachồng system that allows you khổng lồ remove curtains for cleaning in seconds.

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Our functionally designed curtain rings are integrated into lớn the curtain fabric và designedkhổng lồ mount directly onkhổng lồ the straight or radiused trachồng. Hospital staff can easily use the uniqueGrabber Bar tool for fast and quiet curtain changes. The system is perfect for new constructionor existing facilities.

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On the Right Track® is not currently available for distribution lớn Canada

Functionally designed curtain rings are integrated inlớn the curtain fabric and designed to lớn mount directly onto lớn the straight or radiused traông chồng. Rugged curtain rings can withstand countless washings. Change curtains fast with the unique Grabber Bar tool that allows for fast and quiet curtain changes. The system is perfect for new construction or existing facilities.

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With the exclusive sầu Grabber Bar, your staff can remove or install curtains in seconds without the use of ladders. Simply place the grabber on the loading portion of the traông xã, pull the hookless rings over the grabber và remove sầu the curtain.

Cubicle Curtain Fabric Selector

CSelect Bark Tidewater
CSelect Bark Bayshore Blue
CSelect Sandstone Tidewater
CSelect Sunmix Bayshore Blue
CSelect Seagrass Tidewater
Watch how the CS" On the Right Track “Grabber Bar” enables your hospital staff lớn change curtains, without standing on a ladder or chair. The process is complete in a matter of seconds!

CS HUSH Curtain®
On the Right Track®

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