Open ended là gì

An open-ended activity or situation does not have a planned ending, so it may develop in several ways:

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an open-ended approach/commitment/response Private business cannot be expected khổng lồ enter inkhổng lồ an open-ended commitment lớn fund any cost overruns.

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an open-ended item/question/survey The survey included an open-ended question asking employees what advice they would give to lớn management.
To let respondents spontaneously express their opinions, an open-ended question requested of them lớn các mục conditions in their companies which they found attractive và unattractive.
Five starting prices, which were chosen based on answers to lớn open-ended questions in the pilot survey, were assigned lớn respondents randomly & roughly proportionately.
The interview consisted of a series of open-ended questions, plus an option khổng lồ give sầu additional information or opinions.
Subjects completed self-report measures, & were then interviewed by research psychologists & psychiatrists who administered structured và open-ended assessment schedules.
This flexible, open-ended approach lớn visual style automates qualitative sầu rerepresentations, learns from the data phối unsupervised, & modifies assessments according lớn kiến thiết context.
The incentive sầu lớn put forward underfinanced proposals is weakened compared to a system where entitlement appropriations are open-ended.
The "open-ended" responses were categorized into lớn two general areas: admitted carelessness ("not careful", "didn"t follow prescription", "removed diaphragm too soon", etc.) and medical-technical problems.
Individual minds mutually interact within this converging landscape in an open-ended time horizon, exploiting its features in distinctive sầu ways.