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Time to lớn freak out, fanboys và fangirls. T-swizzle"s not done with 1989 yet. She just released an actual music video for "Out of the Woods," & I like it. You might like it too. I used khổng lồ think the tuy vậy was kind of boring--too poppy và WAY to lớn repetitive--but this music Clip might have sầu converted me. At the very least, it"s an easy song to sing along with, và the music đoạn Clip gives more context for what the tuy vậy itself means.

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The Music Video

In the video clip for "Out of the Woods," we see Taylor Swift standing on the beach in a simple blue dress. Vines start to grow all around her trapping her, and soon she"s traveling through a variety of beautiful but dangerous landscapes. Through this journey, she begins to lớn make sense of things, và she turns from being scared and lost to lớn strong và confident.

At the end of the Clip, she comes back khổng lồ the beach, the woods melting away behind her, as she puts her h& on the shoulder of an earlier version of herself who is still staring at the ocean and wearing the same blue dress.

The video"s not too subtle about its meaning, but the visual spectacle by which it expresses that meaning is beautiful. At the beginning, we see the words, "She lost hlặng," và at the over we see, "She lost him but she found herself và that somehow was everything." Between the prologue and the epilogue, as she"s being chased by wolves through snowy forests, desserts, & mountainous hills, we understvà that this Clip is about her trying to reshape her understanding of herself after a painful breakup.

She wants her female listeners/viewers khổng lồ know that they should be confident in themselves rather than in how they feel about themselves in a relationship.

The Meaning of "Out of the Woods" by Taylor Swift

"Out of the Woods" is about a relationship gone bad that Taylor Swift didn"t think she could leave sầu & that she felt she had lớn keep pushing through with. She didn"t want to leave the guy (we"ll Điện thoại tư vấn hyên "Ed") because she was afraid of what was outside the relationship, but in the end she finds that outside to lớn actually not be as bad as she thought--it was the inside of the relationship that she needed khổng lồ leave sầu.

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"Out of the Woods" starts with its First Versethat suggests that this relationship feels good at times. Taylor sings, "Looking at it now / It all seems so simple / We were lying on your couch / I remember." She"s looking bachồng at the past & remembering when he "took a Polaroid of us." When he took the picture, he "discovered . . . / The rest of the world was blaông xã & white / But we were in screaming color."

Ed"s excited about the relationship, or maybe the relationship is vibrant và has really good times, but unfortunately for the relationship there are problems with it as well. While Ed"s taking the picture Taylor"s hoping và "thinking . . . / Are we out of the woods yet?" which leads us inlớn the chorus.

If you"ve listened lớn the Chorus at all, then you"ve sầu probably got the lyrics down by now. Taylor Swift wants khổng lồ know if the current good times the relationship is experiencing represent her and Ed (who some suggest is based on Harry Styles)being "out of the woods" và "in the clear." Based on my reading, this portion of "Out of the Woods" is about asking whether a person is now experiencing the "good times" yet or if this is only a temporary rest as they must soon keep trudging through the "forest." The forest represents arguments và discussions and the difficulties of making the relationship work.

Swift ends the chorus by asking, "Are we in the clear yet? / In the clear yet? / Good!" It"s almost as if she"s been told that they are free, & she"s happy about it. But like the repetitive sầu nature of the chorus, the chorus itself keeps repeating, và she keeps realizing that they"re not yet không tính phí of the really tough times--tough times that aren"t just the usual tough times every relationship goes through.

In Verse 2,Swift sings, "Looking at it now / Last December . . . / We were built lớn fall apart / Then fall back together . . ." Looking bachồng, she can see that their relationship was "destined" to experience tough times, & she fondly remembers the good times they had in spite of it. She sings, "Your necklace hanging from my neông xã / The night we couldn"t quite forget / When we decided . . . / To move sầu the furniture so we could dance." It"s a good memory, but Swift sarcastically realizes, "Like we had a chance."

They were "wo paper airplanes flying, flying, & flying."Paper airplanes are hard to steer, vulnerable, & tossed around by even the tiniest puffs of air. There really was no hope for Taylor & Ed; Swift remembers how, even while they were dancing that night, she was asking herself, "Are we out of the woods yet?" andshe launches back inlớn the chorus.

In theBridge, Swift recalls the last moments of the relationship with Ed: "Remember when you hit the brakes too soon? / Twenty stitches in the hospital room." This could refer to lớn an actual oto accident & actual stitches, but it"s more likely aboutEd giving up too quickly in a conversation or situation & hurting both of them. They both "started crying" và "when the sun came up, was looking at ." They were still together,but they weren"t going to lớn last much longer.

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She sings, "Remember when we couldn"t take the heat?" They couldn"t make it through the woods--it was just too hard to lớn get their personalities, situations, or lives lớn reconcile lớn each other"s. It was Taylor who ended the relationship: "I walked out and said, "I"m settin" you không tính tiền."" When she leaves, "the monsters turned out lớn be just trees" and leaving the relationship wasn"t as difficult as she"d thought. She made it "nd when the sun came up, you were lookin" at me." Ed wasn"t gone--they both survived--but they were free lớn travel different paths.

What do you think about "Out of the Woods" by Taylor Swift, and what"d you think about my explanation? A HUGE part of the helpfulness of this blog is the commenters. If you can help to lớn improve on what I"ve started, future readers và I will be forever in your debt. Thanks! And talk lớn you soon. I try to lớn respond khổng lồ every bình luận I get. :)

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Hi! I"m a university writing center director who teaches literature classes & loves helping others to lớn understand the deeper meanings of their favorite songs. I"m married lớn my beautiful wife April and love Twenty One Pilots, Mumford và Sons, Kishi Bashi, & so many others!

Hi! I"m a university writing center director who teaches literature classes và loves helping others to understand the deeper meanings of their favorite songs. I"m married lớn my beautiful wife April & love sầu Twenty One Pilots, Mumford và Sons, Kishi Bashi, và so many others!

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