Plank Floor Là Gì

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an exercise in which you hold your body straight and parallel to the floor while resting on your toes and hands or elbows:
The differences are obvious between a new wood floor and the worn planks that speak of the distant past.
The third and last frame was finally pulled up and the sides connected with framing elements and horizontal planks, which formed the outside walls.
More obviously, the two large planks in the bottom left corner extend beyond the frame suggesting a world that continues beyond its margins.
Her stern and bow were protected by four-inch planks of greenheart, while the midship ice sheathings were made of oak.
If the election centered on religious animosity, the question arrises as to why these additional planks were included at all.
Platforms employing "states" rights" language within their civil rights planks are included in this category.
The sledge runners are solid timber planks, 2430mm long, 315mm deep and 50mm thick, with one end rounded and the other cut square.
If not lost as firewood, the planks would have disappeared anonymously into the market for structural timber, used indiscriminately here or there, or processed for furniture or strip flooring.
In practical application, the constant length links are turned into metal planks, and a rotational shaft and bearings are mounted on the intersection of two constant length links.
She examines various classical writers in order to demonstrate that the principle of democracy does not negate the possibility that politicians reconsider their electoral planks once in office.

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