an amount of money that is returned khổng lồ you, especially by the government, for example when you have sầu paid too much tax:

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money that is returned to lớn you after you pay for goods or services, done in order to make the sale more attractive:
apply/qualify for a rebate A good number of senior citizens across the state have sầu still not applied for their rebates.
get/receive sầu a rebate If you vị not currently receive a rebate and are on a low income, please apply to the council now.
Carmakers are still using special incentives - such as rebates & cut-rate financing - khổng lồ sell their vehicles.

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Consumers who were putting off buying a new oto have sầu been lured into lớn dealerships by big cash rebates, analysts said.
a rebate of £583/$212/20%, etc. Rebates of $100 are available for businesses who replace old air conditioners with new, energy-efficient models.
offer/carry a rebate We are offering consumers rebates ranging from $75 khổng lồ $125 khổng lồ buy new dishwashers or refrigerators.
Buying your pension through an independent adviser who can rebate all commission will keep charges down.
Issuers charging an annual fee will normally rebate part of it either to the cardholder or direct to lớn a nominated charity.
It takes the khung of a rebate on the interest rate prevailing on the loan market for a given category of borrowers & projects.
The flat-rate tax rebate was regarded as the sole strategy for pursuing wider ownership through private pensions.
It levies income taxes on output và foreign interest income, it taxes consumption, và then rebates all tax revenues.
Advertisements, rebates, and price-wars were the techniques used lớn commercialize serum that was ultimately produced, marketed, & sold as an industrial hàng hóa.
He proposed a $1.3 trillion tax cut, rebates from which would go to all taxpayers, though disproportionately lớn upper income families.
It is also possible that tax rebates or similar incentives may be provided to companies which show proof of progress in this sphere.
They put their faith in the rebates and cut the treads down lớn the elegant triangular section that became the standard for the nineteenth century.
For example, only 10 per cent of baseline oil refining energy use is credited for the purpose of calculating the rebate received by that sector.
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