Revision Unit 1, 2 & 3


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Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

1. A. architect B. cheese C. church D. chat

2. A. change B. mango C. again D. forget

3. A. house B. hot C. honest D. holiday

4. A. ngân hàng B. any C. now D. money

5. A. around B. sound C. only D. mouse

6. A. teacher B. other C. together D. term

7. A. Germany B. garden C. gate D. gas

8. A. scholarship B. Christ C. school D. chicken

9. A. house B. harm C. hour D. husband

10. A. sing B. morning C. any D. hang

11.A. hundred B. exhausted C. however D. heat

12.A. head B. ready C. mean D. weather

13. A. choir B. cheap C. child D. chair

14. A. charge B. child C. teacher D. champagne

15. A. reason B. clear C. mean D. each

16. A. motion B. question C. mention D. fiction

17. A. gather B. good C. large D. again

18. A. change B. children C. machine D. church

19. A. hand B. bank C. sand D. band

20. A. future B. mature C. pasture D. nature

21. A. invited B. attended C. celebrated D. displayed

22. A. removed B. washed C. hoped D. missed


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REVISION: UNIT 1, 2 & 3I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.1. A. architect B. cheese C. church D. chat2. A. changeB. mango C. again D. forget3. A. house B. hot C. honest D. holiday4. A. ngân hàng B. any C. now D. money5. A. around B. sound C. only D. mouse 6. A. teacherB. other C. togetherD. term 7. A. GermanyB. gardenC. gateD. gas8. A. scholarshipB. ChristC. schoolD. chicken9. A. houseB. harmC. hourD. husband10. A. singB. morningC. anyD. hang11.A. hundredB. exhaustedC. howeverD. heat12.A. headB. readyC. meanD. weather13. A. choirB. cheapC. childD. chair14. A. chargeB. childC. teacher D. champagne15. A. reasonB. clearC. meanD. each16. A. motion B. question C. mentionD. fiction 17. A. gatherB. goodC. largeD. again18. A. change B. children C. machineD. church19. A. h& B. ngân hàng C. sandD. band20. A. future B. mature C. pasture D. nature21. A. invited B. attended C. celebratedD. displayed22. A. removed B. washed C. hoped D. missed23. A. looked B. laughed C. moved D. stepped24. A. wanted B. parked C. stopped D. watched25. A. laughedB. passed C. suggested D. placed26. A. believed B. prepared C. involved D. liked27. A. liftedB. lasted C. happened D. decided28. A. collected B. changed C. formed D. viewed29. A. walked B. entertained C. reached D. looked30. A. watched B. stopped C. pushed D. improvedChoose the word which is stressed differently from the rest:31. A. sneakyB. floppyC. icingD. embrace32.A. loyaltyB. constancyC. acquaintanceD. confidence33.A. gossipB. interestC. betweenD. friendship34.A. unselfishB. sympathyC. qualityD. principle35.A. mutualB. advantageC. possibleD. generous36. A. helpfulB. sincereC. pleasantD. earning37.A. floppyB. idolC. cottonD. decide38.A. extremelyB. excitedC. personalD. imagine39.A. birthdayB. replyC. schoolbagD. money40.A. celebrateB. togetherC. familyD. special41.A. successfulB. beautifulC. humorousD. difficult42.A. coupleB. weddingC. quietD. receive43.A. beginB. silverC. dinnerD. people44. A. celebrateB. attitude C. refreshments D. restaurant 45. A. problemB. enoughC. listenD. summerII. Use the right khung of the verbs below.1. When I (walk) ___________ to lớn work I saw him.2. Why did you avoid (meet) ________ hyên ổn at the tiệc nhỏ last night?3. By the time I arrived at the station the train (leave) ________ already.4. James (not attend) ________ our wedding buổi tiệc ngọt last year.5. We hoped (help) __________ by the teacher.6. Would you mind (lend) ___________ me your pen?7. They decided (not sell) ___________ their old house.8. She managed (open)__________ the door.9. Do you mind (not use) _________ my phone?10. When he (drive) __________ khổng lồ work he had an accident.11. Before she went lớn the cinema she (buy) ________ the ticket.12. William (not write) ___________ to me two weeks ago.13. By the time you came baông chồng we (clean) _________ your room.14. When she (read) _________ books the phone rang.15. Their parents (not be) __________ at trang chính yesterday.16. We don’t mind (take) _________ photographs of your wedding buổi tiệc nhỏ.17. Peter suggested (go) __________ khổng lồ Halong for holiday.18. They expected (not meet) __________ hlặng at the airport.19. Would you lượt thích (not make) ___________ noise at night?trăng tròn. The police made hyên ổn (tell) ___________ the truth.21. Would you mind (show) ________ how khổng lồ use the computer?22. When I went trang chủ my parents (watch) ________T.V in the sitting room.23. By yesterday they (build) __________ our kitchen.24. They (not attend) __________my birthday buổi tiệc ngọt yesterday.25. When I returned trang chủ after đôi mươi years, everything (change) ______________ completely.III. Rewrite the following sentences without changing the meaning.1. They allowed hyên to use their oto.g They let _______________________________________________________________2. Before he arrived at the station, the train had left.g After __________________________________________________________________3. Peter: “Shall we go khổng lồ the cinema?”- Maria: “Yes”.g Peter and Maria decided ___________________________________________________4. Do you enjoy drinking a cup of coffee ?.g Would you like __________________________________________________________5. After she had done homework, she went khổng lồ school.g Before _________________________________________________________________6. We lượt thích playing football with our cthua friends at weekends.g We want _______________________________________________________________7. To meet your parents is very nice.g It is very _______________________________________________________________8. My parents ask me to have sầu breakfast at trang chủ.g My parents make ________________________________________________________9. I think you should travel by bus.g I want you _____________________________________________________________10. Walking in the rain is her enjoyment.g She enjoys _____________________________________________________________11. It is easy khổng lồ speak to hyên.g To speak to hyên ________________________________________________________12. After he had bought the ticket he went to lớn the cinema.g Before he ____________________________________________________________13. They want to go shopping on Sunday mornings.g They enjoy ___________________________________________________________14. To read his books is very exciting.g It is very ____________________________________________________________15. Before she went to lớn work she had eaten breakfast.g After she ____________________________________________________________16. He remembers khổng lồ turn the light off before going out.g He doesn’t ____________________________________________________________17. Jaông xã had left the office before I arrived.à When________________________________________________________________18. During lunch, someone rang the bell.à While I_______________________________________________________________19. I haven’t been lớn the dentist for six months.àThe last time____________________________________________________________đôi mươi. She has studied Japanese for 5 years.à She began ______________________________________________________________21. He did all his work and then he went trang chủ.à After __________________________________________________________________22. Steven bought a new motorxe đạp, & he saved enough money.à Before_________________________________________________________________23. The guests left and then we tidied the house.àWhen __________________________________________________________________25. The boy ran away from the house.à She noticed ______________________________________________________________26. The policeman told the thief to empty his pockets. à The policeman made _______________________________________________________27. He left the house early this morning. à I heard __________________________________________________________________28. He drove away. à She stood there and watched__________________________________________________29. The robber came from the bachồng doorà I could feel _______________________________________________________________29. Because I had already read the book several times, I didn’t borrow it.à Having ____________________________________________________________________30. She went to lớn bed early. She felt very tired.à Feeling ___________________________________________________________________IV. Give the correct form of the words in brackets1. John is old enough khổng lồ be ___________ of his parents. (depend)2. Make sure that your time is spent __________ . (use)3. It was one of his most important ___________ . (achieve)4. My new oto is more __________ than the one I had before. (economy)5.

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It is often useful lớn make a ________ between two things.(compare)6. Please don’t ask such ___________ questions. (person)7. The _________ of a famous doctor was announced last night. (die)8. Special drugs should be _________ và dispensed carefully. (manufacture)9. He _________ agreed with my suggestion. (ready)10. This restaurant is __________ for its western meals. (fame)11. The United Nations ____________ is an international one. (organize)12. Our relationship is based on ____________ , not love sầu (friend)13. One of the most important qualities for true friendship is __________ (constant)14. Everyone feels great __________ for the victims of the attack (sympathize)15. A dog is capable of great ___________ to lớn its master (loyal)16. A selfish person is __________ of true friendship (capable)17. Jane showed great ____________ for the new project (enthusiastic)18. His strange behavior made the police ___________ (suspicion)19. She was __________ ill, so she didn’t go khổng lồ school yesterday (serious)trăng tròn. Don’t put too much _____________ in what the papers say (confident)V. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences.1. The teacher made them __________ silent. A. khổng lồ keep B. keeping C. keep D. kept2. She was able __________ English when she was very young. A. khổng lồ sing B. sing C. singing D. sang3. Please let me __________ my result as soon as possible. A. lớn know B. know C. knew D. knowing4. I want __________ the film that you told me yesterday. A. see B. seeing C. saw D. lớn see5. Could you please stop __________ so much noise?A. make B. khổng lồ make C. made D. making6. Have sầu you finished __________ on this project?A. working B. work C. worked D. lớn work7. Remember__________ the letter for me tomorrow.A. posting B. khổng lồ post C. post D. will post8. She said that she had talked khổng lồ me but I didn’t rethành viên __________ her before. A. seeing B. khổng lồ see C. not seeing D. see9. Let your name__________ in the sheet of paper.A. write B. be written C. written D. lớn write10. I think the old woman was very angry because she _____ when she saw the rubbish in front of her house. A. made a fuss B. made a decisionC. made a choice D. made a move11. I was very__________ when my mom kept calling me “honey” in front of my friends. A. embarrassing B. embarrassed C. embarrassment D. embarrassingly12. We don’t mind __________ photographs of your wedding tiệc ngọt. A. to lớn take B. take C. taking D. took13. We hoped __________ by our teacher. A. to help B. helping C. khổng lồ be helped D. being helped14. Niông chồng didn’t expect __________ khổng lồ Caroline’s tiệc nhỏ. A. khổng lồ invite B. lớn be invited C. inviting D. being invited 16. They decided __________ their old house. A. khổng lồ not sell B. not selling C. not sold D. not to lớn sell17. When I __________ trang chính, my parents __________ T.V in the sitting room.A. went/ watched B. was going/ watched C. went/ had watched D. went/ were watching18. In "Everyone has a number of acquaintances, but no one has many friends" acquaintances means ____.A. people whom you know well and whom you like a lot.B. people that you have sầu met but vày not know well.C. people who work in the same company.D. people with whom you cốt truyện a room for a period of time19. He was sure that the boy was a __________because he had stolen her money.A. student B. thief C. customs officer D. journalistđôi mươi. A good marriage is based on __________.A. secret B. loyalty C. trust D. B và C21. Steve sầu thought his __________with Helen was changing.A. relation B. relationship C. relate D. relative22. To vày the work for a humane society is __________.A. friendly B. mutual C. thoughtless D. voluntary23. You can"t prsự kiện hyên ổn from__________ his own money.A. spending B. spent C. khổng lồ spend D. spend24. He is __________for his elderly parents.A. paying attention B. looking C. caring D. taking care25. We should take care of war invalids & family of martyrs.A. look after B. look for C. look inkhổng lồ D. look atChoose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting.1. After their children had grown up, they decided moving to TP HCM thành phố.A B C D2. My lawyer advised me khổng lồ not say anything further about the accident.A B C D3. Most people enjoy travel to lớn different parts of the world. A B C D4. He said he was accused of have deserted his ship two months before. A B C D5. They wasted a whole afternoon try lớn repair the old bicycle. A B C D6. She did not want stay in that house for the weekend because it was boring A B C D7. His mother saw hyên ổn lớn get out of the house silently.A B C D8. I’m very hungry & thirsty now. I could ate a horse and drink an ocean.A B C D9. I was listening to lớn the radio last night when the door bell rings.A B C D10. The manager went fishing after he has finished his work. A B C D11. The thief asked her handing over her money. A B C D12. He was terribly excited lớn ask khổng lồ play for Manchester. A B C D13. They chose not lớn be attended the meeting. A B C D14. He could not decide whether khổng lồ get a job or studying. A B C D15. I dislike being talk about everywhere. A B C DPRACTICE TESTI. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.A. question B. mutual C. situation D. actionA. honest B. honour C. honey D. ghostA. rumour B. humour C. mutual D. dutyII. Choose the word whose main bao tay pattern is not the same as that of the others.A. understanding B. anniversary C. experience D. celebrationA. invite B. intimate C. divorce D. imagineIII. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in each sentence.He seemed ________ a friendship to Joe.A. beginning B. being begun C. to be begun D. to lớn have begun________ happened, I didn"t want to lớn thua kém Sarah"s friendship.A. However B. Wherever C. Whatever D. WheneverHe had a portrait ________ as a birthday present for his daughter.A. paint B. painting C. painted D. to be paintedWe ________ friends even after we grew up and left home.A. became B. made C. struông xã up D. remainedAt first I found it difficult ________ on the other side of the road.A. to lớn get used lớn drive B. khổng lồ get used to lớn drivingC. being used khổng lồ drive D. in getting used to drivingThe factory is said ________ in a fire two years ago.A. being destroyed B. khổng lồ have sầu been destroyedC. lớn destroy D. to lớn have sầu destroyedThe các buổi tiệc nhỏ starts at 8 o"cloông chồng so I"ll ________ at 7.45.A. look for you B. piông xã you up C. bring you along D. take you outShe wants to lớn look ________ in her wedding reception.A. nature B. natured C. natural D. naturallyWhen will you have the dress made?" "I expect ________ by Friday.A. to lớn finish B. finishing C. to be finished D. being finishedA selfish person is incapable ________ true friendship.A. of B. with C. in D. for________ it was a formal dinner buổi tiệc ngọt, James wore his blue jeans.A. Since B. Even though C. Until D. Only ifNo sooner ________ the phone rang.A. had they arrived home page that B. they had arrived trang chủ thanC. did they arrive sầu home that D. had they arrived home page thanA number of Vietnamese ________ to that city recently.A. moved B. has moved C. have sầu moved D. was movedI"m really ________ to lớn the tiệc ngọt. All my old friends will be there.A. appreciating B. looking forward C. thinking about D. enjoyableMr. Lee was upset by ________ him the truth.A. our not having told B. us not tell C. we didn"t tell D. not khổng lồ tellJean has a very easy-going ________, which is why she is so popular.A. reputation B. personality C. characteristic D. sympathyThe examiner made us ________ our identification in order to lớn be admitted lớn the test center.A. show B. showing C. to lớn show D. showedAs we entered the room, we saw a rat ________ towards a hole in the skirting board.A. scamper B. lớn scamper C. scampering D. was scamperingI remember ________ to Paris when I was a very small child.A. khổng lồ be taken B. to lớn take C. being taken D. takingIt was difficult to lớn ________ a date which was convenient for everyone.A. agree B. organize C. arrange D. provide IV. Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting.If one is invited out to lớn a dinner, it is perfect proper khổng lồ go either with or without a gift. A B C D His teacher encouraged hyên taking part in the international piano competition. A B C DJane has not rarely missed a tiệc nhỏ since she was fifteen years old. A B C DTina is always understanding, patient, and sensitive sầu when helping her friends to their problems A B C D So far this term, the students in writing class have learned how to lớn write hesis statements, A Borganize their material, and summarizing their conclusion. C DV. Read the passage carefully & choose the correct answer.VOLUNTEERS ABROAD More & more young people are ... (31) ... voluntary work abroad. The wild variety of jobs & destinations available is making it an increasingly attractive option for those who have just left school & have sầu a year free before university. Many choose lớn spkết thúc these twelve sầu months working in poor countries. There they will earn little ... (32) ... no money. But they will be doing something useful – & enjoying the experience. The work may ... (33) ... of helping the local communities, for example by helping khổng lồ build new road or provide water supplies to isolated rural villages. Other projects may concentrate more on conservation or environmental protection. ... (34) ... kind of job it is, it is certain khổng lồ be challenging & worthwhile, và an experience that will never be forgotten. 31. A. doingB. makingC. takingD. getting32. A. withB. butC. orD. and33. A. consistB. includeC. containD. involve34. A. anyB. whatC. howeverD. whatever* Read the passage và answer the questions, then choose the correct answer If you are invited lớn an American friend’s home for dinner, rethành viên these general rules for polite behavior. First of all, arrive approximately on time but not early. Americans expect promptness. It will be right khổng lồ be 10 or 15 minutes late, but not 45 minutes late. When you are invited khổng lồ someone’s home for meal, it is polite lớn bring a small gift. Flowers & candy are always appreciated. If you have sầu something attractive made in your country, your host or hostess will certainly enjoy receiving that gift. What will you do if you are served some food that you cannot eat or you bởi not like? Do not make a fuss about it. Simply eat what you can & hope that no one notices it. Be sure lớn compliment the cook on the food that you are enjoying. Do not leave sầu immediately after dinner, but do not overstay your welcome, either. The next day, Call or write a thank-you note to lớn say how much you enjoyed the evening.35. Which sentence is not true?A. You should not compliment the cook on the food.B. You should not leave immediately after the dinner.C. You should not make someone notice that you vị not lượt thích the food.D. You should not overstay.36. If you are invited to an American’s trang chủ, __________________A. you should be late at least 45 minutes.B. you should go late a bit.C. politeness is not necessary.D. punctuality is appreciated.37. If there is some food that you cannot eat, ________________A. make a fuss about it.B. ask the host lớn cook you another dish.C. vì not eat anything.D. do not make a fuss about it.38. The next day, ________________A. remember khổng lồ thank the host for the dinner B. say nothing to the hostC. you needn’t say thank-you D. invite the host khổng lồ your house39. When you come to lớn someone’s house for dinner, ________________A. bring some flowers, candy or something made in your native sầu country.B. bring a lot of gifts.C. you should never offer any gifts.D. vày not care about gifts.VI. Choose the answer (A, B, C or D) that is nearest in meaning lớn the printed before it. 40. It"s no use trying to make friends with hyên ổn. A. You should try to make friends with hyên ổn.B. I find it difficult to lớn make friends with him.C. There"s no point in trying lớn make a friendship with hyên ổn.D. Making a friendship with hyên ổn is worthless.41. As soon as he arrived at the airport, he called home page.A. No sooner had he arrived at the airport than he called trang chính.B. He arrived at the airport sooner than he had expected.C. Calling trang chủ, he said that he had arrived the airport.D. Immediately after he called home page, he arrived the airport.42. We had our house decorated to celebrate our wedding anniversary.A. We had to decorate our house. B. We had someone decorate our house.C. Our house needs to lớn be decorated. D. We helped my father decorate our house.* Choose the best sentence (A, B, C, or D) made from the given cues.43. Thank/ invitation/ silver anniversary/ beginning/ September//A. Thank you for your invitation khổng lồ your silver anniversary at the beginning of September.B. Thanks for your invitation of the silver anniversary at the beginning of September.C. Thank you for your invitation lớn your silver anniversary in the beginning of September.D. Thank you for your invitation to your silver anniversary at the beginning in September.44. When! I arrive/ lecture/ already start/ professor/ write/ overhead projector//A. When I arrived the lecture already started và the professor wrote the overhead projector. B. When I arrived lecture had already started "& professor wrote the overhead projector.C. When I arrived the lecture had already started and the professor was writing on the overhead projector.D. When I arrived the lecture had already started & the professor had writing on the overhead projector.