Scramble là gì

As the burning plane landed, the terrified passengers scrambled for the door (= tried lớn reach the door quickly).

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< + khổng lồ infinitive sầu > fig. Poultry farmers scrambled (= worked hard & fast) to lớn provide water to their flocks as pipes burst in Georgia’s coldest weather this century.
to change a radio or telephone signal while it is being sent so that it cannot be understood without a special device
Subway is joining the increasingly crowded breakfast scramble in a move sầu that the sandwich chain hopes will help add customers and sales.
For example, if asked what you bởi for a living, don"t give sầu the short answer, thereby forcing the other person lớn scramble for more questions.
The company said the shocking image could remain online for more than a week as they scramble lớn replace it.
The changes are included in a tax-and-spending bill that lawmakers are scrambling to pass by week"s end.
And then, at last, she gave the go ahead & the crowd charged the soccer field, scrambling khổng lồ grab as many eggs as they could.
Drawn to the complexity of the book as familiar object and archetypal form, she scrambles its formal arrangement & creates new narratives.
Television channels broadcast dramatic pictures of desperate pilgrims scrambling lớn get aboard dozens of military helicopters which have sầu been ferrying people lớn safety.
Traditional automakers, too, have sầu scrambled to lớn establish themselves as leaders in this space -- though perhaps not quickly enough.
A secure erase then need only delete the key rather than needing to scramble and re-scramble the full disk to lớn ensure total eradication.
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to laugh repeatedly in a quiet but uncontrolled way, often at something silly or rude or when you are nervous

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