Simple adjective

You might hear both “simpler” và “more simple” used in speaking. In particular, when the speaker wants to emphakích thước the word, they might opt lớn use “more simple”. However, the correct khung is “simpler”.

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When using comparatives, a good rule of thumb is to lớn count how many syllables are in the word. For words with 1 or 2 syllables, you add “-er” khổng lồ the word. For words with 3 or more syllables, the correct usage would be to lớn add “more” in front of the word.

Since “simple” has 2 syllables, it is correct khổng lồ add “-er” khổng lồ the word. The correct comparative khung is “simpler”.

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Simple – Simpler – Simplest

Isn’t this much simpler than you thought?!

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