Subscription là gì

a season ticket (= a ticket that can be used many times within a limited period) for cultural events:

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an amount of money paid regularly khổng lồ receive a newspaper or magazine, to lớn use a phone line or mạng internet service, or lớn be a thành viên of an organization, or the act of paying this money:
Through these procedures, default subscriptions could become property of the corporation, và then dispensed or auctioned off to lớn other individuals.
Newspapers stopped printing radio program listings only to lớn restore them after readers began canceling their subscriptions.
He & the journal had to lớn struggle not only khổng lồ attract sales & subscriptions but also article submissions for the first several months.
In addition, states had elaborate procedures for declaring the unpaid subscriptions that became due.
As one might suspect, aeronauts felt only a minimal need to advertise in order fill the subscriptions for these early launches.
Many have their subscriptions paid by their employers as an added benefit and to minimize the disruption of elective sầu surgery khổng lồ the employer.
Unlượt thích one-time sales, subscriptions generate steady cash flow và provide a convenient benchmark by which khổng lồ measure growth.
The state now expects the media to lớn earn profits via advertising, & has removed the forced subscriptions that once supported propagandomain authority outlets.
As a result, these systems are generally characterised by a "flat design space": subscriptions select out of all published notifications without distinguishing producers.
Libraries in some universities subscribe to lớn a wide range of international journals, whereas many others have sầu an extreme paucity of subscriptions.
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Các từ bỏ thường được thực hiện cùng rất subscription.

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Since annual subscription is a cost lớn all members, its absence or waiver in the present case could be interpreted in two main ways.
The usual rules applied : for a small monthly subscription, the thành viên was entitled to lớn siông chồng pay và eventually a pension.
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