When opening a document in Word, you receive one of the following error messages:

There is insufficient memory or disk space. Word cannot display the requested font.

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Not enough system resources khổng lồ display completely.



Error messages also occur in other Office applications (such as Excel, or PowerPoint).

The permissions of the Fonts thư mục may be different from the default permissions (see the following screenshot for the mặc định permissions). To kiểm tra the mặc định permissions, open a Command Prompt window và run the icacls C:WindowsFonts comm&.



When upgrading from Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 khổng lồ Windows 10, certain fonts aren"t available with the default post-nâng cấp. To reduce the operating system footprint, improve sầu performance, & optimize disk space usage, many of the fonts included with prior versions of Windows were moved lớn the optional features of Windows 10. If you install a fresh instance of Windows 10 or upgrade an older version of Windows lớn Windows 10, these optional features aren"t enabled by default. As a result, fonts appear to lớn be missing from the system.

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If permissions for the C:WindowsFonts thư mục were changed or are different from the mặc định permissions, they will persist after the upgrade, causing the issue.


If you have sầu documents created using the missing fonts, they might display differently on Windows 10.

For example, if you have sầu an English or a Roman Alphabet Language version of Windows 10 installed, you might notice that the following fonts are missing:


If you want lớn use these fonts, enable the optional feature to add them khổng lồ your system. Be aware that this is a permanent change in behavior for Windows 10.

For more information, see How to install fonts that are missing after upgrading lớn Windows 10.

More Information

Issue outside of Office applications

When this issue occurs in Office applications, you will also see the following behavior of the Font dropdown menu in WordPad.