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Marina"s retìm kiếm interests focus mostly on tools and methodologies for computer-aided hàng hóa design and manufacturing.

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Through our embassies, however, we have arranged for extensive sầu publithành phố at continental ports, marinas, etc.
This included yacht clubs, marinas, ship-brokers, owners, managers and agents, chandlers, repairers and harbour masters.
There may in other places be marinas with these facilities provided by private boat hirers or boat builders.
I have no objection to lớn a casino if one is wanted, but that should not be used khổng lồ support the marina.
A yacht haven—or marina, as some hotline it—involves close-quarter berthing at the highest possible degree of intensity.
Of the four applications for yacht marinas which have sầu come lớn me for decision, one was authorised, two were refused and one was withdrawn.
In other words, adequate access roads lớn giảm giá with all the traffic must be provided before the marina can be opened.
The first stage would be completed as soon as possible, for it would provide the access roads lớn the marina.
Posters emphasising the dangers from illegally landed animals and the penalties for contraventions are on display in small harbours và coastal marinas.

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Information in the size requested is not available; during the three years 1970–72, eight appeals described as relating khổng lồ marinas were decided.
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