Upper hand là gì

get the upper hand

To come to lớn be in a position of advantage, power, and/or control (over someone, something, or some situation). We"ve been doing everything we can for your father, but I"m afraid the cancer is getting the upper hand. The trang chính team got the upper hvà when their opponents" star quarterbaông chồng went out with an injury.See also: get, h&, upper

get, have, gain, etc.

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the ˌupper ˈhand (over somebody)

get, etc. power or control over somebody toàn thân, especially in a fight, competition, etc: Our team gained the upper h& in the second half of the match. ♢ The police clayên ổn they have the upper h& in their fight against the drug dealers.See also: h&, upperSee also:

get the upper hand

Idiom(s): get the upper h& (on sb)Theme: ADVANTAGE - GAIN to lớn get inkhổng lồ a position superior khổng lồ someone; to get the advantage of someone.• John is always trying to get the upper hvà on someone.• He never ends up having the upper hvà, though.
get the push get the royal treatment get the run of (some place) get the runaround get the sack get the shaft get the shakes get the shit kicked out of (one) get the shit knocked out of (one) get the shivers get the shochồng of (one's) life get the short end get the short kết thúc of the stiông xã get the shove sầu get the show on the road get the silent treatment get the sniffles get the snuffles get the spunk up get the spunk up (to lớn do something) get the stick get the stuffing kicked out of (one) get the stuffing knocked out of (one) get the third degree get the time get the upper h& get the upper h& on (someone or something) get the vapors get the W get the weather gage of (someone or something) get the whetstone get the whip hand get the wind knocked out of (one) get the wind up (one) get the wooden spoon get the word get the worst of (something) get the worst of it get the wrinkles out get the wrinkles out (of something) get the wrong kết thúc of the stiông xã get the wrong idea (about someone or something) get the/a hard sell get thee behind me get there get there (the) firschạy thử with the moskiểm tra get thin on top get this get this buổi tiệc ngọt started get this show on the road get through get through with get the works get the word get the upper hand get the third degree get the slip get the short over of the stick get the shoông chồng of one"s life get the runaround get the red-carpet treatment

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