Key bản quyền visual studio 2015 vĩnh viễn + link iso chính chủ

This article explains how khổng lồ locate, clayên, and export sản phẩm keys from For more information about activating a product with a key, retail & volume license versions of keys, và daily product key clayên limits, visit the sản phẩm keys overview.

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Locating and claiming sản phẩm keys

You must be signed in khổng lồ your Visual Studio subscription khổng lồ view your hàng hóa keys. Individual sản phẩm keys are found by selecting the xanh Get Key liên kết for a particular hàng hóa on the Downloads page as shown below. All keys are also available in aggregate on the Product Keys page. When multiple keys exist for a single sản phẩm, notes will be displayed on the Notes column for the tải về khổng lồ assist you in identifying which key should be used.


Some products bundle multiple editions of the product inlớn a single download. In these cases, the hàng hóa key entered determines which edition of the sản phẩm is installed.Some keys are provided automatically, such as “static” keys, which you can use as many times as needed because activation is not required. Other keys must be claimed by selecting the Get Key links for the product.

Various key types are available, depending on the sản phẩm.

Product key types

Key TypeDescription
Not ApplicableNo key is needed to lớn install this product.
RetailRetail keys allow multiple activations và are used for retail builds of the product. In many cases, 10 activations are allowed per key, though often more are allowed on the same machine.
Multiple ActivationA Multiple Activation Key (MAK) enables you to lớn activate multiple installations of a product with the same key. MAKs are used with Volume Licensing versions of products. Typically, only one MAK key is provided per subscription.
Static Activation KeyStatic activation keys are provided for products that vì chưng not require activation. They can be used for any number of installations.
Custom KeyCustom keys provide special actions or information to lớn activate or install the hàng hóa.
VA 1.0Multiple activation keys, similar to a MAK.
OEM KeyOriginal Equipment Manufacturer keys that allow multiple activations.

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DreamSpark Retail KeyRetail keys for DreamSpark allow one activation. DreamSpark Retail keys are issued in batches & are primarily intended for student consumption.
DreamSpark Lab KeyLab use keys for DreamSpark programs that allow multiple activations. DreamSpark Lab Keys are intended for use in university computer lab scenarquả táo.
DreamSpark MAK KeyMAK keys for DreamSpark program customers.

You can clayên ổn a key from the tải về page for the product, or you can search for the key you need on the Product Keys page.

Claiming hàng hóa keys

Only subscribers with active sầu subscriptions can tải về products and clayên product keys. You can export your claimed keys from the Product Keys page while your subscription is active.

To claim a hàng hóa key:

Sign in lớn your Visual Studio subscription. You must be signed in to download products or claim sản phẩm keys.Product keys are listed alphabetically by the name of the sản phẩm. You can either scroll down to the name of the desired hàng hóa, or tìm kiếm for it using the search bar at the top of the page.


In this example, we’ve used the tìm kiếm bar lớn locate a hàng hóa key for Visual Studio Enterprise 2019.As you can see, there are several versions listed. One key each has already been claimed for Visual Studio Enterprise 2019 versions 16.0 and 16.1. Additional keys of different types are still available for both versions. Notice that you can record a brief note about claimed keys in the Notes column. You can use this with the date in the Claimed column lớn keep trachồng of the keys you’ve sầu claimed. You might, for example, make notes when you activate an installation of the sản phẩm using the key.

Exporting your claimed keys

You can export a danh mục of the keys you have claimed. This includes a large selection of static & other keys that are automatically marked as “claimed” for you.


If your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to clalặng new keys or export your claimed keys.

To export your keys, select the Export all keys liên kết at the far right of the Product Keys page. An .xml file entitled KeysExport.xml will be created, và you can choose to lớn open or save the file. You will need khổng lồ open the file with an application capable of handling .xml files. For example, you can open the file as a read-only workbook in Excel.


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When you"re ready lớn download software & use keys, visit For more information about downloading software, see the downloading overview.