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Quantitative relations of the dry matter of the food consumed, the heat production, the gaseous outgo, & the insensible loss in toàn thân weight of cattle.

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The advice of experts is lớn "let hlặng have sầu it hard on the point of the jaw" in order to render the opponent insensible.
Secondly, is this rendering of people insensible not a well-known và universal technique of the medical profession?
I am referring, of course, lớn prize fighting, in which the objective sầu is to injure your opponent so severely that he is rendered insensible.
In the first place, the primary objective sầu in football is khổng lồ score points và not lớn render one"s opponent insensible.
I find the extremes of the argument about immigration equally unattractive sầu & insensible of the realities.
The law requires that when animals are stunned they must be instantaneously rendered insensible khổng lồ pain until death occurs and that there must be no delay between stunning & sticking.
I was therefore both surprised & relieved lớn learn that in fact this disease has a narcotic effect on the rabbit, which renders it at least partly insensible lớn pain.
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to lớn put flour, sugar, etc. through a sieve (= wire net shaped like a bowl) khổng lồ break up large pieces

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