I change the "Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise năm ngoái with updates" in Windows OS"s "Programs and Features" so that I can add "Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015".

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When I exedễ thương the change run, the update progress Misleadingly states that the updates ran properly.

However, it still does Not khổng lồ install Visual C++"s "Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015" feature. I know this for a fact because if I change the "Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 with updates" in Windows OS"s "Programs and Features" then I get the following window with the Visual C++"s "Comtháng Tools for Visual C++ 2015" being Unchecked:


Is it a technical limitation for Windows 7 Professional since I can"t install Visual C++"s "Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015" feature?

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This is a notorious problem with the VS2015 installer. It is not aggressive enough, it relies on the registry to determine if a sub-component is already installed. But doesn"t actually verify if the files are still there, it solely uses the registry kiểm tra. So if the registry is wonky then it goes through all the install motions, nothing seems to go wrong, but when it is done then it still doesn"t work correctly.

Exactly what happened to lớn the machine previously is pretty important lớn know, but everytoàn thân forgot what they did 2+ years ago. One notorious problem is previously having a pReviews version of VS installed. The uninstaller is always the last thing they get right just before shipping the RTM version. There is a clean-up tool available khổng lồ fix that kind of registry pollution.

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Noteworthy is that this problem is especially common for the "Comtháng tools for Visual C++" sub-component. Almost certainly caused by this component also being available as a separate tải về. That download is supposed to lớn be only used to setup a build server. But the predictable outcome is that somebody gets started on it on their own dev machine but then decide that they need VS instead.

There are a lot of threads at the MSDoanh Nghiệp Forums about this specific install problem. But they all suffer from the exact same issue, the Microsoft support people only get as far as "check this, check that" but none of them actually know how khổng lồ repair the registry damage.

The only workaround I know that is reasonably successful is to lớn aggressively uninstall. SO users never told me "it didn"t work", but they also don"t tell me "thanks dude, it worked". Odd btw, I can"t tell how many of them just gave up & decided to lớn reinstall the OS. You make it aggressive by starting the installer from an elevated commvà prompt và running it with /uninstall /force option. The /force option is the important one, it makes the uninstaller plow on even if the registry doesn"t co-operate.

Since it is likely that the separate tải về was involved with is mishap, I"d start there. Download it again if you don"t have it on the machine anymore. Next uninstall VS2015 the same way, bởi vì so even if the installer failed. If you have sầu a reason lớn assume that the machine was exposed to a pnhận xét version then also use the cleanup tool. Might as well use it regardless, only way khổng lồ be sure.