Find your windows product key

Hello there, today in this post I will tell you How To Activate Windows 7 without Product Key and Make it Genuine Forever.

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In this modern world, everyone wants lớn try new things. Though Windows 7 is an ancient sản phẩm from Microsoft, everyone still wants to lớn try it.

Some people like the look and feel of Windows 7, even its ultimate, trang chủ basics, business versions. They want khổng lồ use these versions of Windows, and I think it is the best version of Windows until now. So, let’s activate windows 7

What is Microsoft Windows?


1 Windows Trial Version?2 Two Ways To Activate Windows 72.5 Windows 7 Activation Product Key không tính tiền download

According to lớn Wikipedia:

Microsoft Windows, commonly referred lớn asWindows, is a group of severalgraphical operating systemfamilies, all of which are developed, marketed, & sold byMicrosoft. Each family caters to a certain sector of the computing industry. Active sầu Microsoft Windows families includeWindows NTandWindows IoT; these may encompass subfamilies, e.g.Windows ServerorWindows Embedded Compact(Windows CE). Defunct Microsoft Windows families includeWindows 9x,Windows Mobile,andWindows Phone.

Windows Trial Version?

If you have installed the trial version of Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit, it provides 30 days of trial. After this period, you have sầu to purchase the key from the Microsoft store lớn activate windows 7.

Otherwise, your operating system will not run well or it will also tell you that you have 1 or 2 days left khổng lồ activate.

Some people also ask me on my youtube channel, how vì I activate windows 7 on my pc? I tell them that don’t worry, I will help you & guide you through the whole process of how lớn activate windows in two ways, và I will also provide some windows 7 activation keys.


Windows 7 System Requirements

Processor: 1 GHzRam: 1 GB for 32-bit & 2 GB for 64-bitStorage: 16 GB for 32-bit và đôi mươi GB for 64-bitGraphics: DirectX 9c or Higher

Or you can kiểm tra windows 7 requirements here

Two Ways To Activate Windows 7

1. Activate Windows 7 using CMD Prompt

Step 1. Go to lớn start thực đơn & search cmd, then right-click on it and select Run As Administrator.

Step 2. When the cmd prompt opens, you have sầu to enter a commvà in it. Enter slmgr –rearm and hit the Enter key

Step 3. When you enter the commvà given above sầu, it will ask you to restart your pc, just restart your pc.

Step 4. When your pc restarts, run cmd prompt as administrator again và type slmgr –alớn và hit the Enter key.

Step 5. Now you will see a pop-up message that your windows is activated successfully.

So, this is how you can activate windows & make it genuine using cmd prompt. Hope it will work for you. If not read the second way below.



2. Activate Windows 7 using Windows Loader

Windows loader is a straightforward way lớn make windows genuine. I am also using windows loader to activate windows 7 and make it genuine forever. So follow my steps, & you will also be able to lớn make it genuine.

What is windows loader?

Windows loader is a simple program that helps khổng lồ make your windows version completely genuine. You have lớn run this program once, & it does not require any mạng internet connection. This software is also safe khổng lồ use, and it will not harm your pc or máy tính in any way.

To install this just turn off windows update in the control panel and you are good lớn go.

Download Windows 7 Activator

Step 1. First, go khổng lồ this links 4shared and download the software in the rar file.

Step 2. Now you will see a Download Button as shown in the image below, cliông chồng on it.


Step 3. When you click on the tải về button you will see a 60 seconds countdown. When the countdown ends hit the tải về button.

Step 4. When you cliông chồng on Free Download, you will see a pop-up box as shown in the image below. Nothing khổng lồ worry about. Just sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ trương mục. ALSO READ: How to tải về subtitles of a movie on apk phone

When you sign in using any of your accounts, the tải về button will unlock, and you will able to lớn download the tệp tin. As you can see in the image below that, I got the tải về liên kết from 4shared.

Step 5. Once you have downloaded the tệp tin, extract it on your desktop using any software like Winrar, 7-zip, etc. If you don’t have one, tải về the WinRAR. You will see the following files in the windows loader.rar file.

Step 6. Once all the files are extracted from the rar file, go khổng lồ your computer properties. Right-clichồng on my pc or computer on your desktop and select properties. ALSO READ: HOW TO BYPASS FRP.. GOOGLE LOCK ON ANDROID

Now a new window will open with your computer properties. You will see the windows update option on the bottom left side of it; cliông chồng on it.

Now on the top left side, you will see change settings; clichồng on it. From the drop-down thực đơn, select never kiểm tra for updates & also un-kiểm tra allow all users to install updates on this computer. Clichồng on OK.

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Step 7. Now open Windows Loader Application.

Step 8. Now you will see the details of your windows on this software as you can see in the image below.

Now just hit on the install button & wait and it will take 2-5 minutes to complete the whole process.

Step 9. Now you will see a pop-up message saying lớn restart your PC. Clichồng on it and restart your PC.

Once you restart your pc go to my computer properties again, & you will see that your windows 7 is activated and genuine forever. You can see the image below when I activated my windows using this loader, và the image is blurry because I captured it from my old youtube đoạn Clip.

Now I hope that you have successfully activated windows & I am happy about it. If you are happy, please tell me in the comments below.

Windows 7 Activation Product Key không tính phí download




Windows 7 Features:Themes: There are a lot of themes included in windows 7, và they are amazing. You can choose from 13 beautiful themes that will make your pc look awesome. In addition, you can customize your desktop with different icons such as my computer, Network icons, etc.

Wallpaper and Screen Customization

You can also change the desktop background using a pack of wallpaper build-in, or you can also choose a particular photo from your pc to set it as background. This feature is great.

2. Desktop Slideshow: Now, this is something we can Điện thoại tư vấn amazing. It is because this feature allows us khổng lồ change desktop wallpaper after some time if selected automatically. When after 1 or 2 minutes the wallpaper changes, it also not consumes much RAM of your pc.

3. RAM Management: Windows 7 ultimate or professional or trang chính basics are built so that it uses RAM in a very effective way that you do not feel that there is a lag in your pc.

4. Gadgets: There are some gadgets included in windows 7, such as Ram & Cpu usage gadgets, Notes, & much more. You can put these gadgets in the right sidebar of your desktop, which makes your pc look cool.

5. Start Menu: Start Menu in Windows 7 is completely different from its previous version, i.e., windows vista. In windows 7, you can see my computer & other important icons, & you can directly search for an phầm mềm or tệp tin in the search menu.

6. Task Bar: The taskbar in Windows 7 is amazing. It has a transparent effect which makes it look beautiful. When you open a particular tiện ích or window, the taskbar automatically changes its looks according to the open window.

The amazing thing is you can pin apps on the taskbar. Just cliông xã on the start menu and find the tiện ích you want to pin on the taskbar. Then right-clichồng on it and select pin to lớn taskbar, và done.

So these are some features of windows 7 ultimate or professional.

NOTE: If you want to know how khổng lồ activate windows 10 pro, any version, you can phản hồi below. I will write a post on it.

So, friends, this is how you can activate windows 7 không tính phí at your home page without spending any penny. Please chia sẻ this on your social profiles so that your friends can take benefit from this.

5 minutes 5 minutes.

Follow these instructions to Activate Windows 7 using CMD Prompt

Go lớn start thực đơn và search cmd, then right-cliông chồng on it và select Run As Administrator.


Enter Comm& và Restart

When you enter the commvà type slmgr –rearm, it will ask you to restart your pc, just restart your pc.

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Run as an administrator

When your pc restarts, run cmd prompt as administrator again and type -ato& hit the Enter key.

Pop up message

Now you will see a pop-up message that your windows is activated successfully


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