With respect to synonyms

Is there a difference in meaning between, "in respect of" & "with respect to"?

Is it grammatically correct to use, "in respect to...."?

The full context I am concerned with currently reads:

"My recommendations in respect to the features available are summarised below."



Both of the phrases In respect of and with respect to are standard and acceptable phrases (at least in British tienhieptruyenky.com), as shown by the dictionary extracts & other references below.

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In respect to is not standard và no doubt results from mixing the two phrases.

in respect of or with respect lớn something <1>with reference to lớn, or in connection with (a particular matter, point, etc).

in respect of (or with respect to) <2>as regards; with reference to: the two groups were similar with respect lớn age, sex, & diagnoses

in respect of, in reference to; in regard to; concerning. <3>with respect to, referring to; concerning: with respect to lớn your lachạy thử request. <3>reference or relation (esp in the phrases in respect of , with respect to ) <3>

in respect to Also, with respect to . See in regard to. <4>with / in regard to lớn, referring to; concerning: With regard to the new contract, we have sầu some questions.

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It will be apparent from the above definitions that the following phrases are all effectively equivalent:

in respect ofwith respect towith / in regard to

In the light of earlier comments & answers suggesting that in respect of is non-standard, here are some example usages <6>:

Example sentences for in respect of:

In respect of civil rights, all citizens are equal before the law.Anachronisms of two kinds persist in respect of this phenomenon.Rigid in respect of the upper lip, he sticks khổng lồ a stern routine of exercises & always dresses in formal attire for dinner.The region does better than the global average on one factor, government expenditure, but it is worse in respect of taxation.It is probable that a moratorium, at all events for a short period in respect of trade credits, will be proclaimed.

Famous quotes containing ... in respect of

There is one principal and as it were radical distinction between different minds, in respect of philosophy...If one had lớn worry about one"s actions in respect of other people"s ideas, one might as well be buried ...Any man who does not see everything in terms of self, that is lớn say who wants khổng lồ be something in respect of ...

An example of with respect to <7>:

The Treaty on the Final Settlement With Respect to Germany (or the Two Plus Four Agreement ) was negotiated in 1990 between the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), the German Democratic Republic (GDR), and the Four Powers which occupied Germany at the over of World War II in Europe: ...

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Finally, examples using in respect to can be found <8>, but, as noted above, the dictionaries consulted do not appear khổng lồ accept it as a standard phrase.